Caroline Munro ageing secrets – Bond Girl’s tips are ‘coffee, stress and chocolate’

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Munro, now 73, turned down playing a villainess in the film the 1978 version of Superman, instead opting to play in the bond film as Naomi, the personal helicopter driver of the main baddie, Karl Stromberg.

Speaking in a recent interview, she cited the things that have helped her over the years.

She said: “coffee, stress and chocolate. And Nivea. And I do a lot of walking, which does help.”

Although she is healthy today, Munro has had a health scare recently. The star shared details of her breast cancer diagnosis back in 2018. She described it as “a bit of a shock. Quite surreal, actually.”

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At the time, she received a lumpectomy – a breast-conserving surgery where the tumour and some surrounding tissue is removed.

Lumpectomies may be used if the cancer is only in one area of the breast, or if the tumour is relatively small.

Munro, who fanned herself during the interview with The Mirror, added: “I’m still on chemo tablets now, hence this, as I do get very overheated. Although it was a huge shock I got the best treatment and I’m still getting it.”

Is there any truth to her anti-ageing tips?

Munro may have been joking about the value of stress, but studies show there are some benefits of it.

Moderate stress is known to stimulate the production of a chemical called interleukins which can support the immune system. However, in excess, stress is not good for your health.

So, it’s not clear whether the stress Munro has gone through would be healthy for her. In early 2020, the star lost her husband of 30 years – film director George Dugdale.

She said that she was “broken” following the death and is prone to fluctuating between “bad days” and “good days”, although she is aware she and her daughters two daughters Georgina and Iona have to “stay positive”.

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According to research published in 2005, when stress becomes chronic, it can contribute to higher blood pressure.

High blood pressure comes with a higher risk of other chronic medical conditions.

And as for her claims about coffee and chocolate, common sense would have you believe they must be false.

But moderate coffee intake – about 2-5 cups a day – has been linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and depression, according to Harvard Nutrition professor Frank Hu, who wrote an article about the topic in Discover back in April 2021.

Moreover, chocolate may have health benefits – especially dark chocolate. Chocolate is rich in flavanols, which can help protect your body from inflammation and improve your cardiovascular health.

As everyone knows, it should be enjoyed in moderation, however.

Many chocolates offset the natural bitter after-taste of cocoa by adding lots of sugar.

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