Priest leaves Corona fellow patient to the ventilator, and dies a little later

With a selfless act, an Italian priest in the midst of the Corona has caused a crisis headlines around the world. According to the media rescued the 72 reports,-Year-old a also the Virus to other patients patients life, by leaving his own breathing. The spiritual self died a little later due to the consequences of the disease.

His parish near Bergamo, had purchased the device according to the figures, especially for the infected priests, because of the lack in the Region of the corresponding equipment in the clinics. Don Giuseppe Berardelli have to admit, however insisted on the vital apparatus to a younger – him – known-patients.

"This man is a Held"

"Don Giuseppe is a priest gestorben", sheet quoted the local "Araberara" a nurse, who knew Berardelli. The fact got him "deep berührt". Also in the social networks, the news triggered great concern. A user wrote on Twitter: "This man is a Hero! Most would give in such a situation, even a roll of toilet paper."

Old companions Berardellis who lived in the 3,000 inhabitants of the municipality of Casnigo, spoke on Tuesday to the Catholic news Agency (KNA) upset about his death. Walter Imberti, head of the local nursing home, said the former member of the Board of the institution: "He was an extraordinary person, who is always on the go all the." All in the area knew him because he used to proceed in the full garb of the priests, with its old red Moto Guzzi Galletto around.

At least 60 priests died in Italy on Coronavirus

A priest colleague Luigi Manenti said the same thing: "He was always friendly and went with a Smile to the people." Berardelli was a personality that had given others Confidence and hope. His Motto was: "Don’t Worry about it. You’ll see, everything will be fine."

So far, at least 60 Catholic priests are in Italy, the Coronavirus has died. Many followed a call of Pope Francis and wanted to assist the faithful in a time of difficulty. Most of the victims in the ranks of the clergy reported to the diocese of Bergamo. At least 17 clergy were there in their lives. The Northern Italian province is particularly affected by the current emergency.

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