Almost half of Brits admit to only drinking one glass of water a day

Less than half of Brits drink one glass of water every day, new research shows.

Water consumption plummets during the winter months, the survey has found, as Brits continue to down energy drinks at an alarming rate. 

There’s been a 155 per cent increase in energy drink sales since 2006, the British Dietetic Association reveals.

Their popularity has grown so much that the latest viral energy drink sparked frenzy among consumers, leading Brits to pay up to £100 to re-sellers for the sold-out drink. 

Energy drinks, despite being marketed to increase energy and enhance mental alertness and physical performance, are high in caffeine, sugar or other artificial sweeteners. In fact, frequent consumption has now been directly linked to poorer mental and physical health, and overall wellbeing. 

And the research by water bottle company, Air Up has found almost half of the nation (45 per cent), admit to only drinking one glass of water a day.

Further to this, the firm’s research has shown that during the winter months, in particular, 14.5 million Brits admit that their water consumption halves as they turn to alternative beverages. The implications of this mean that Brits leave themselves vulnerable to dehydration, low energy, mental fog and deterioration of skin health. 

Key findings from their research:

  • 29 per cent of Brits (14.5 million) reduce their water consumption by half as they(we) turn to hot beverages like tea and coffee this winter season
  • 11 per cent of Brits (5.6 million) don’t know that water helps their skin stay healthy throughout the winter months
  • 25 per cent of Brits (12.6 million) don’t know that a healthy water intake helps stave off winter weight gain 

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