Bindi Irwin's Video of Her Daughter Grace Warrior at a Wildlife Reserve Proves She Has Her Mama's Adventurous Spirit

Whenever we get an update from Bindi Irwin on her growing daughter Grace Warrior, we can’t help but get excited. It’s a cuteness overload every single time, and we love it! From Grace interacting with the animals at the Australia Zoo or helping out her dad Chandler Powell, we can’t help but squeal at the cuteness. And Irwin’s newest video may be one of the sweetest yet.

On Oct 7, Irwin uploaded a compilation reel of Grace having the time of her life and walking (!!) around everywhere. She posted it with the caption, “Family adventures on The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Far North Queensland. 💚”

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In the video, we see Grace walking around in her khaki uniform, looking back at her mama, who says, “Hi, pretty. Is that the most beautiful girl in the world?” Then we see Grace looking so happy in the forest, with Irwin asking her, “Are you doing some running?” And then Grace zooms down the trail! We also see her having some backyard-esque fun with a sprinkler and in her bathing suit, followed by her chilling in a table and chair set.

Irwin asks her, “You doing your office work outside?” When Grace is trying to get off the chair and stand up, with her mom’s encouragement. She’s so concentrated, with her tongue sticking out while focusing, and then she sticks the landing! We get more clips of Grace walking around, enjoying nature before we end on such a heartwarming clip.

In the last clip, we see Grace sitting down on a dirt road, Irwin asking, “Got some dirt there?” Yes, all over her pants, but in response, Grace claps and waves her hands happily in the air!

Don’t worry; our hearts also exploded. We love to see that Grace is already so much like her parents, especially when it comes to being a little adventurer.

It’s hard to believe that Grace is already a year and a half, with her second birthday right around the corner! Bindi and Powell welcomed Grace Warrior, 1, on March 25, 2021, exactly one year after their wedding at the Australia Zoo.

In a recent interview with People, Bindi and her mother Terri Irwin talked about little Grace, with Bindi saying, “Grace already has such a strong and independent personality. My hope is that she feels supported to undertake and accomplish anything she sets her mind to.”

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