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COVID-19: Can we do something to prevent this?

Every day there are countless new horror stories on the subject of Coronavirus. This can lead to the fact that we feel at the mercy of the threat posed by the new disease helpless. However, there are some things we can do now, to stay physically and mentally healthy. Dr. Elizabeth Cozine, Doctor of family medicine at the renowned Mayo Clinic, shares her tips.

Concrete tips from the expert

In an Interview, the Mayo Clinic published yesterday, called Dr. Elizabeth Cozine four actions you should take now to get healthy by the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, exercise, sleep, Meditation and nutrition are the most important health parameters to which we can turn.

Tip 1: Movement

When point movement is Dr. Cozine distinguish between movement within the own four walls, and Outdoor exercise. Although the Fitness Center is closed due to the pandemic, there are enough opportunities to be actively:

“If you have any type of training, which has accumulated in a corner of the dust, and then dust off it. You hop on a treadmill, Bicycle, whatever. Something really Cool that’s happening right now as part of this response to the social distancing, is that a lot of App-based programs, which are usually paid, now free trial special offers currently available for about 90 days – so you should try something,“ recommends Elizabeth Cozine.

Walks in the fresh air is another good option, as we give us now, the necessary dose may be. Dr. Cozine says: “you need to distance yourself from your friends and your family, what is difficult, but you can take your children and your spouse like to. If you have a friend – maybe a neighbor – to go for a walk meet, maintain a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters. But you have to go outside.”

Tip 2: Sleep

During sleep, the body regenerates itself. We need this break, desperately, to recharge your batteries. Also healing processes take place during sleep. Particularly in times of Stress and uncertainty, it is, according to Dr. Elizabeth Cozine, therefore, important to practice “good sleep hygiene”:

“Try to go every night at the same time to bed, maybe you don’t sleep a little longer than usual, because you have to scurry around to get to the office. And you try to get between seven and nine hours of sleep is what most adults need, and make them a regular part of your day.“

Tip 3: Meditation

The third tip, Dr. Elizabeth Cozine, to get good and healthy through the crisis, is Meditation. Regular Meditation can improve sleep and help with anxiety and Stress to cope.

“I have found that it helps me, the hamster wheels of the thoughts rolling in my brain to turn off, and it also helps me to prepare for the next step. I’m not talking about practicing three hours of Zen and in the cross-legged about – I don’t know – a desert or something to think about. I’m talking about maybe five minutes, in which it shuts off just briefly. You could do this at your Desk. Go somewhere where it is quiet.”

Tip 4: Diet

A healthy diet is one of the foundations for our health. It is of course always important, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more urgent to ensure a good and balanced diet.

Most people have more time than usual. At the same time, due to the strict conditions for social contacts, and the restaurant closures are less opportunities to eat out. Dr. Elizabeth Cozine sees this as a good opportunity, if necessary, some improvements of the eating habits to make. This could have a positive effect on the health condition.

In stressful times one should perform, however, not too many and too large Changes all at once. The concrete tips on nutrition from Dr. Cozine are as follows:

“You could think about some of the things to do, such as more whole foods to eat less meat (meals) thinking, processed foods to reduce and think about as many plants as possible to eat.”

Important Notes

The most Important thing is to avoid a contagion, is social distance, that is, a restriction of social contacts to the Minimum necessary. In addition, you should adhere to a minimum of 1.5 metres distance to other people, for example when shopping. Coughing and Sneezing are to be washed in the crook of one arm and regular, thorough hands are also essential to the spread of the Virus to contain.

The tips listed in this article, the expert can also help you get healthy through the crisis. If you want to-in addition, your immune system to strengthen it, you will find information about this in our article “to strengthen the immune system – The best tips for a strong defense”. (kh)