Dr Oscar: The ‘number one vitamin’ to take and the one to ‘have a careful look’ at

Dr Oscar Duke issues warning over ‘fizzy’ vitamins

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From fizzy tablets to little pills, the variety of options and nutrients can sometimes feel overwhelming. Plus, there’s been a lot of conflicting advice in recent years on which vitamin should be your go-to. Speaking on Morning Live, Dr Oscar Duke shared how to approach supplements and make sure you’re taking the right ones.

Dr Oscar said: “It’s a massive industry, we spend around 440 million pounds a year on supplements here in the UK.

“They’re not regulated the same way as drugs and medications, they come into the food category.

“They don’t have to go through all the clinical trials you would do if you were going to be a medication and be sold in a pharmacy.

“The overriding thing to remember is that vitamins are available in your diet.”

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