‘Here he goes!’ Jamie Oliver ridiculed for ‘lecturing’ Brits on ‘nanny state’ obesity plan

The Government has published a new obesity strategy for England which will stop shops promoting offers on unhealthy foods and restrict advertising aimed at children. Restaurateur Jamie Oliver HAS praised the new plan, claiming it was the first “real conviction” a Government had taken in adolescent health, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. However, Times Radio listeners were not as impressed with the celebrity chef’s commentary, many taking to online platforms to accuse him of “lecturing” Brits.

Mr Oliver said: “Today’s been a surprisingly good day with regards to what could happen for the future of child health.

“A lot of what’s eaten today in the obesity strategy is comprehensive, joined up and stuff that we were putting into the very first obesity strategy five years ago with Mr Cameron.

“It’s been kind of laboured and slapped around, and fairly disappointing for five years.

“So this is the first time it feels like there’s real conviction in protecting child health and having a really long-term view on how we can make Britain thrive.”

The chef agreed with the radio hosts that the strategy may not have been announced without the pandemic’s impact, but added this was true for many of the important “pivot points” in history.

He told listeners: “These incredibly natural disasters or man-made disasters often make you think about other things differently and appreciate other things differently.

“We, and all the other groups that are passionate about child health, have always been trying to paint a picture of a much more profitable Britain.

“If you want Britain to thrive and flourish and be relevant, then we have to bring it all the way back through business.”

Twitter user Matt wrote: “Jamie Oliver has ruined fizzy drinks, ruined school dinners, ruined shaped chicken products and ruined Italian casual dining. Sure, why not be complicit in this nanny state bull?”

Julian Durrant agreed: “I’d rather eat junk food than anything that this guy knocks out!”

Ossie Ikeogu added: “Spoken like a true boomer! How about we focus on why people shell out for ‘junk food’?”

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Another said: “Will never take a lecture from this guy. Big gob, deep pockets.”

Josh simply asked: “Why is this clown back on radio?”

Alice added: “Here he goes again! Jamie Oliver spouting cr*p, either has a book, TV show or wants a knighthood. Can’t stand this man.”

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