NorthShore makes genomic decision support available in Epic with help from ActX

Another 10,000 patients have received genetic testing through NorthShore Health’s DNA-10K initiative, and now their protected genetic information has been made available to clinicians via the health system’s Epic EHR.

That’s thanks in part to technology from ActX, which specialized in integrating real-time genomic clinical-decision support into EHR workflows.

At NorthShore, prescriptions for certain medications ordered within Epic workflows are now able to be checked against the patient’s genomic profile, which is built into the chart. Clinicians get an alert if the software detects issues with dosing, efficacy or side-effects.

That’s helping advance precision medicine at NorthShore, whose DNA-10K program has already found favor among clinicians. Ninety-nine percent of eligible physicians have already ordered tests for their patients. Of those more than half said the program has already provided a direct clinical benefit.

Nearly all (99.8%) of tested patients had at least one actionable finding detected through pharmacogenomic efforts like this one, which could also have benefits for them later as the need for new prescriptions arises.

Precision medicine has enormous potential, but is also enormously complex, with huge challenges, from data complexity, to workflow integration, to clinician buy-in.

NorthShore is a longtime pioneer in using genomics to inform care decisions and treatment plans, In 2016, the health system first implemented ActX Genomic Decision Support in Epic.

Over the years since, the health system has engaged in several other initiatives to modify and tweak its Epic EHR to more seamlessly insert genomic data into its clinical workflows. Increasingly, that’s leading to big changes beyond specialty care, fundamentally transforming how primary care is delivered.

“At NorthShore, our goal is to ensure every patient who can benefit from pharmacogenomics will benefit from it, no matter where they are receiving care in the system,” said Mark Dunnenberger, director of personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics at NorthShore in a statement. “ActX has been a key partner to drive pharmacogenomics data into clinical care.”

“The ActX platform helps make genomics actionable, a key part of which is pharmacogenomics, in everyday medical practice,” added Dr. Andrew Ury, CEO of ActX. “Our vision has always been to provide easy-to-use genomic decision support, with the goal that it would one day become a standard in patient care.”

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