Snapchat launches filter that teaches users how to perform CPR

Snapchat can now be used as a source of education, as from today, users can get CPR training in-app.

The feature has been introduced ahead of World Restart A Heart Day, as research shows seven out of 10 cardiac arrests happen in front of bystanders – but less than 20% of people end up providing first aid.

The new AR experience demonstrates the basic steps of CPR to raise awareness of what actually needs to happen in that situation, should anyone cross paths with it.

It’s vital action is taken early when someone needs CPR, as they can die within minutes.

The new Snapchat lens, in partnership with the Red Cross, creates a life-sized digital image of an injured or ill person, placing them in the same room as the user.

The new lens aims to ensure users know how to respond in an emergency, giving them step-by-step, true-to-life examples of CPR techniques.

It breaks down problems such as checking whether a person is responsive and breathing, calling for help, clearing their airway, performing chest compressions and delivering rescue breaths.

It also shows how to re-check for vital signs after delivering CPR.

While not a replacement for in-person CPR training, it’s hoped this will increase confidence and willingness to act in emergencies.

Fabrice Muamba, ex-professional footballer, said: ‘On March 17, 2012 I had a cardiac arrest in the middle of an FA cup game. I was out for 78 minutes.

‘Without immediate action with CPR, I would not have survived.

‘CPR saved my life, and this new lens from Snapchat is a huge step towards driving awareness with people young and old to encourage them to learn more about this life saving skill that can be needed anywhere, at any time.’

How to find and use the lens

  • Check you have the latest version of Snapchat downloaded
  • Then simply open the Snapchat app, or download it for free if you don’t have it, then navigate to the Lens on the carousel, or point the camera at the Snapcode
  • Press and hold the Snapcode on your phone screen to unlock the AR Lens
  • Once unlocked, follow the on-screen instructions as it takes you through the various steps of performing CPR
  • After the experience finishes, click the button to find out more on the British Red Cross website

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