The Bundeswehr is to fly out German from Wuhan China a condition

Due to infection with the novel Coronavirus have died in China as early as 80 people. The Virus spreads faster than previously thought. Also in Europe there is now the first cases. All of the new developments to the Virus you find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

The German armed forces for information of the "Spiegel" around 90 German fly out, sit in especially from novel Coronavirus-affected Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, firmly. The air force is to fly on Wednesday or Thursday, after China and the Germans pick up, reported the news magazine on Monday evening. A spokesman for the defense Ministry told the news Agency AFP he could not confirm the report. The role of the German army but "basically, everything vorbereitet".

In Wuhan, the novel Coronavirus to 2019 was performed nCoV, for the first time. In the Central Chinese city of the most of the now country occurred far 2700 disease – and more than 80 deaths. The Eleven-million-metropolis is now completely cut off from the outside world.

One or two Jets to be sent to China

After "Spiegel"-Information plans, the Federal government already since the weekend, one or two of the Jets of the air force to be sent to China. In addition to a troop-carriers of type A310, one of the with a plurality of medical Treatment stations, equipped &quot was;Medevac"-Airbus in the conversation. Since there is as yet no known cases of infection among the Germans in Wuhan, become the "Medevac" probably not needed.

However, Beijing is according to the report, in the talks with the Federal government so far, that the Germans are not flying of military aircraft but to civilian machines. The Foreign office wanted to present this to the "Spiegel" not to comment. The government is "to a recovery of non-diseased German AU pair from Wuhan in principle, bereit", among other things, with the Chinese side but still "to klären&quot operational issues;, it was said from the Ministry.

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) had previously said the Federal government draw a possible evacuation of all ausreisewiligen German "in Betracht". In the space of Wuhan, according to the foreign office about 90 German.

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