The five-minute treatment that could cure your phobia of spiders

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Autumn is regarded as spider season as the eight-legged creatures seek comfort in cosy homes.

If you are frightened of spiders, the emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping, could work for you.

Reportedly used by Prince Harry to process the trauma of his mother’s death, tapping has been shown to help people anecdotally and, now, scientifically.

Tapping is said to release emotional intensity and anxiety with many phobias, from a fear of spiders to a fear of heights.

In 2011, psychologists in the US tested tapping on 11 university students who had different phobias.

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After two rounds of five-minute tapping sessions, the phobias ceased to exist.

Dr Adam Boughey, a lecturer at Staffordshire University, commented on tapping (EFT).

“Research into EFT suggests it can be effective for a whole range of conditions.

“When you look into those papers, the effects are actually quite significant.”

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Associate Professor at Bond University, Australia, Peta Stapleton has a keen interest in EFT.

Stapleton told The Telegraph: “The effect of acupressure, as used in EFT, echoes that found in studies of acupuncture needling.

“In a 10-year research programme conducted at Harvard Medical School, magnetic resonance imaging [MRI] studies demonstrated that the needling of acupoints consistently produced changes in activation in the hippocampus, amygdala and other brain areas.

While Stapleton accepts there is “still scepticism” in this field, EFT has become “more recognised” over time.

In fact, Stapleton said EFT is “being used worldwide in various sectors”.

There are five steps of EFT:

  1. Identifying the issue
  2. Decide on its intensity
  3. The set-up
  4. EFT tapping sequence
  5. Test the final intensity.

The NHS Foundation Trust has a thorough course to do EFT, which is based in Manchester.

For more information on EFT, there are private clinics nationwide.

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