The Way This School Honored Their Facility Dog Shows a Shift in Valuing Student & Faculty’s Mental Health

This Ohio Middle School is one of many that are highlighting the furry friends that bring smiles to both students’ and faculty’s faces. Earlier this week, a little 2-year-old golden retriever by the name of Meg stole everyone’s hearts. Now while we love every golden retriever (well, really every dog), this one is a bit special because she’s a facility dog at Goshen Middle School in Goshen, Ohio.

Per People, she plays a special role in the school: making sure everyone feels calm and comfy throughout the day. She comes from a nonprofit called Circle Tail, which specializes in training service dogs.

Goshen Middle School principal Wendy Flynn shared with People how Meg’s role works, saying, “During her time with us, she has provided hundreds of students and staff with love, comfort, and affection. We have a QR Code posted in every hallway that can be used to schedule some one-on-one time or a class visit with Meg.” So whether you want a snuggle session with Meg by yourself or have her interact with the whole class, that’s what she’s there for!

So in honor of their furry friend, they gave her her own yearbook photo on picture day, and might we say, it’s the most adorable photo ever! (You can see it HERE!)

Now, why is this such a monumental thing? It shows that the school not only cares deeply about Meg, but also about the mental health care she provides. Studies show that therapy dogs can help with a myriad of problems, ranging from physical to psychological, giving patients a sense of comfort and distraction.

Many schools have been implementing therapy dogs, and it shows there’s a shift happening within the schools. This shift is to focus on the well-being of everyone in the school, boosting morale and comfort, something people desperately need amid these unsettling times.

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