US authorities warn of rats Wars: rodents in large cities are becoming more and more aggressive

Cafes and Restaurants are closed. There is little hustle and bustle on the streets. A result, Hardly any food left by people of whom many of the animals are accustomed to the city life, feed. Thus food sources are dried up for many rats. You be this aggressive?

Things seem to be so serious that the centre for control and prevention of diseases (CDC) in the USA warns of the aggressive behavior of the “rodents”. This is the news page, “Dailymail reported”.

The closures have led to a decline in the rodents of the available food, especially in dense commercial areas, it is called by the CDC. “Responsibilities have reported an increase in rodent activity, as they search for new food sources,” the report says.

Rats eat each other

It is reported that some of the rats would have used in the last few weeks, even to cannibalism, since hunting for food is so difficult.

Also, it would be even wars between themselves, when it comes to which group of the rodents a new territory conquered. Bobby Corrigan, an expert on rodents, is of the opinion that it will come to violent Killings among the rats and it drives you to eat each other. “If a new army of rats come in, is to conquer the army with the most rats in the area."


Rat swarms in large cities

In New Orleans, the Videos are gone from “rat swarms” of viral, cavorting in otherwise bustling areas like the French Quarter.

Several cities, including News Orleans, Baltimore, and Washington DC will have to take aggressive measures, the rat populations in check.

The CDC advises domestic and restaurant owners to check their properties and to close the holes that could sneak in through the rats may be in the house and in the garbage please.

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