What to do if a migraine comes again and again?

Very strong, half-sided, pulsating headache, often accompanied by Nausea and the feeling that every sound, every ray of light, every smell makes it worse: So Affected describe the typical symptoms of a migraine attack that can last for up to 72 hours. As a migraine in the acute case is treated, and how to recurring attacks, prevents, and neurologists will be available on Thursday, 14. May 2020, on free reader phone.


Thursday, 14. May 2020 from 16 to 19 PM 0800 – 2 811 811

The call is out to all German networks free of charge.

What Therapiemöopportunities are there?

In the case of mild to moderate attacks first trade should be standard pain relievers, and so-called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs. Also, some patients with severe symptoms can alleviate with these drugs your symptoms. The symptoms do not respond to these drugs, in the next step, so-called triptans available that act specifically against Migraine headache. For all drugs, The sooner they are applied in the attack, the better they can act.

For patients suffering from frequent or chronic migraine, have improved the possibilities of a preventive treatment in recent times: the so-Called CGRP antibodies are the first drugs that act preventively and specifically migraine, have been developed.

What is the migraine is different from a traditional headache? What can I do in the acute case, against the complaints? What are the possibilities for prevention, there are – and who is eligible? What therapies other than medication yet? The answers to all your questions about the migraine head pain, you can following experts on Thursday, 14. May 2020, between 16 and 19 o’clock on free reader phone.

If you often suffer from migraine headaches, knows the suffering that goes along with the disease: A re-attack can occur at any time, plans are, therefore, only possible to a limited extent. According to data from the German migraine and headache society (DMKG) suffer about ten to 15 percent of the migraine. The good news: Both for acute treatment as well as for the prevention of migraine attacks effective therapies are available. However, are not supplied according to the DMKG all migraine patients.

On the phone 0800 – 2 811 811

  • Dr. med. Axel Heinze; Specialist in neurology, Senior physician at the pain clinic in Kiel
  • Prof. Dr. med. Martin Marziniak; Chief physician of the clinic for neurology at the kbo-Isar-Amper-Klinikum München-Ost
  • Dr. med. Anke Siebert; Specialist doctor for neurology, headache center of the Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. med. Till Sprenger; Medical Director, chief physician of neurology, DKD Helios Klinik Wiesbaden


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