Who says no, is a donor – Spahn calls for organ donation debate in the Bundestag

To get more organ donations in Germany, has expressed the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn for a double contradiction solution. In this case, each would be automatically considered an organ donor unless he self-contradicts in advance. Also, the members could opt-out. “The only way the body can be a donation to the normal case,” said the CDU politician of the “image”.

So far, withdrawals are only possible, if someone agrees to this expressly, such as in an organ donor card. A new regulation is an intrusion of the state into the freedom of the Individual, said Spahn. However, all previous Attempts by the policy to increase the number of organ donors remained, unfortunately, without success. "Therefore, we need a broad societal debate about the contradiction solution."

A bill he’ll introduce in the Bundestag, announced Spahn and first of all, for a discussion of the topic in the Bundestag. In addition, there is a need for a broad social debate.

The low point in the number of organ donors

To increase the Donation Spahn had announced already that transplant officer get in hospitals more time for this task, and the remuneration of facilities for the whole process of organ donation should be improved.

The number of organ donors was achieved, according to the German Foundation of organ transplantation in the past year, with 797 a low point. In the first half of 2018, there was an increase. At the end of August Spahn had said that 10 000 people in Germany are waiting for a donation organ.

According to a survey commissioned by the technician health insurance, 84 percent of the citizen body towards donations in General, rather positive. However, only about 40 percent of the respondents actually have an organ donation card.

Here you can order your organ donor card.

An organ donor card you can use as well to speak of a donation explicitly to resist. A doctor must accept that will. Has decided to a Deceased person for donation is tested in accordance with the final, non-recoverable failure of the brain, whether the organs come up for donation in question. Then you will be taken where appropriate.

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