You could be flossing all wrong, if youre even flossing at all

You could be flossing all wrong, if you're even flossing at all

  • Wrap each end of a 15- to 18-inch length of floss around the ring or middle finger of both hands; the floss remaining between the fingers should be about 5 to 6 inches long.
  • Hold the useable floss with the index finger and/or thumb of each hand. Use only 3/4″ of floss between fingers of each hand. These fingers will control the floss and should keep it from cutting into the gums.
  • Start at one end of either the top or bottom set of teeth and apply the floss to the curved surface of the tooth, like bending a “C” around the tooth.
  • Move the floss in a short forward-backward motion, as well as upwards and downwards, as if drying your back with a towel.
  • Continue to the next tooth, using the floss to clean both edges of the teeth.
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