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Entero-bacteria in baby food: products not to eat!

In baby food of a Swiss company is a micro, it was found biological burden by Cronobacter sakazakii. These bacteria can damage the health and to lead, among other things, a brain skin inflammation. From the consumption of the products is strongly discouraged.

The Swiss Federal food safety and veterinary office (fsvo) indicates on its website that the Bimbosan processed cereal-based foods “Bio-hosana graduated from the” and “Bio-2” in refill bags of microbiological contamination by enterobacteria was found. “A health risk cannot be excluded,” writes the BLV.

Affected products not to consume

The information according to the cantonal food enforcement authorities have foods in the context of a risk-based official control in the crop “Bio-hosana graduated from the” and “Bio-2” in the refill bag of the Swiss company Bimbosan found a microbiological contamination by Cronobacter sakazakii.

Affected are the following products:

  • Processed cereal-based foods “Bio-hosana graduated from the” 3-grit in the refill bag of 300 gram, lot number: L19432S1, date of minimum durability: 19.07.2021
  • Processed cereal-based foods “Bio-2” oats, and spelt in the refill bag of 300 gram, lot number: L27057200201, date of minimum durability: 13.10.2021

Was sold the goods in pharmacies, drug stores, Coop and online shops. Because many German consumers, and consumers in the vicinity of the border, also there shopping, you should find this message also in this country attention.

The Swiss fsvo is recommended not to consume the affected products.

Bacteria can lead to skin inflammation of the brain and blood poisoning result

Cronobacter bacteria, which can lead, according to the Bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL) in people with a weakened immune response to all age groups of symptoms are.

The at-risk group, however, in the main, children under six months, particularly premature infants or disease damaged, a weakened immune system, infants.

Infection with Cronobacter can cause in infants and newborns, among other things, to Meningitis (inflammation of the brain) or Sepsis (blood poisoning); such diseases are usually associated with a high mortality rate. (ad)

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