Bayern in the Virus crisis: the free state imposed a country-wide output restrictions

The case of a disaster, and output restrictions now apply in the free state of Bavaria to fight against the spread of the Coronavirus. What is the cost of it, if you are in breach of the rules and all the measures of the Bavarian government at a Glance.

  • Output restriction in Germany: What now – what is prohibited
  • The Federal government and countries decide to ban Contact: What this means for you

How is the situation in Bavaria. Here you will find an Overview of the most important vertices while the corona of a crisis.

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Output restrictions in Bavaria

Bavaria, therefore, since mid-March, Ernst: In the free state due to the spread of Coronavirus and rising case numbers since Friday evening Output limits for the first two weeks. The has announced the Prime Minister, Markus Söder (CSU) on Friday. From 0 at the regulation in the whole of Bavaria is in force.

Even if the Federation and the Länder have set up on Sunday a 9-point Plan for the whole of Germany, holds the Prime Minister Markus Söder of the more stringent measures in Bavaria.

Output limitation in Bavaria decreed: now

The Leaving of one’s own apartment is in Bavaria, from Saturday, 0 clock, only where there are proper grounds allowed. These include, among others:

  • the way to work
  • necessary purchases in super markets and drugstores,
  • Doctor and pharmacy visits
  • Help for other people
  • Visits of partners, the Old, the sick or people with disabilities (outside of facilities) and the perception of care in each private sector
  • Sports such as. Jogging and exercise in the fresh air
  • Accompaniment of the Dying, and funerals in the immediate family circle
  • Actions for the supply of animals

All of this is but only alone or with the people with whom you live.

Prohibited is from Saturday, 0 clock, in Bavaria:

  • Shops like DIY stores and hairdressers are no longer allowed to open
  • Opening of Restaurants and pubs is prohibited; Exceptions form the Drive-in/To-go-Local
  • Meeting with friends in public places, streets and in Parks prohibited
  • Sports and walks in the open are banned in groups, or with people with whom you are not living together,

"We must try, the wave of sudden infections brechen", Söder justified the extension of the restrictions. Who is in breach of the guidelines, has to reckon with high fines. It fines of up to € 25,000 can be imposed, it says on the page of the Bavarian state government.

For sports driving, Walking the dogs, to pick up parents: answers to the most important questions

The Bavarian state government answered on your web pages in addition frequently asked questions:

Should I buy more food?
Yes, but only alone, not to overload to the supermarkets and to keep the risk of infection is low.

I live separated from my Ex-Partner, we may pass to the children?
Yes, the accompaniment of Minors, and the Exercise of the right of custody is allowed, according to the children may be handed over to the respective other parents.

What should I do if I am at the start of the output restriction at my place of residence?
The return in your home is a valid reason and according to the available covered.

Can I still ride a bike, go Jogging or go for a Walk? Can I take the car there?
Yes, exercise in the fresh pleasure is allowed. However, only alone, or with people who live with them in a joint household. It is, as always: at Least 1.5 metres distance to other people to keep!

Can I go with my dog for a Walk?
Yes, alone or with members of your household.

Can my children play with other children?
No, unfortunately, this is not allowed. Contacts with other people are reduced to a Minimum. This applies to all age groups.

It is useful to bring my parents to me?
It is strongly discouraged. Older people belong to the risk group, the risk of Infection is high.

May I visit the elderly?

Yes, a private visit to the elderly, sick or disabled people who do not belong to the own budget allowed. Generally speaking, the risk should visits be kept to a Minimum, the following applies: Due to the high Contagion. A visit in nursing homes is not permitted.

May I for the elderly to go shopping?
Yes, this is allowed and encouraged. But here, as in visits to a Minimum.

May handyman / cleaning lady to come to me?
Professional activities are allowed. However, Work that is not urgent be postponed necessary to later should. It should be a case of emergency, should, whenever possible, be a minimum distance of 1.50 meters complied with.