Corona-crisis: parents avoid visits to the doctor with sick children

Out of a fear of infection with the novel Coronavirus, many parents avoid the currently necessary visits to the doctor. According to the professional Association of child and youth doctors, Doctors ‘ reports about children, which will be presented in spite of visible signs of the disease is significantly delayed, there are increasing currently.

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"Colleagues even report of children with acute leukemia, have found late the way to the children – and Youth medicine and important time for the therapy of this life-threatening illness, have lost. The are particularly tragic Fälle", Dr. Sigrid Peter, Vice-President of the professional Association of child and youth doctors (BVKJ) says. In addition, many children do not get currently the vaccinations from the Standing Committee on vaccination (STIKO) recommended. The concern, however, is unfounded: The standards of hygiene in medical practices were still high and the risk of infection to other busy places like the supermarket is significantly higher. "Parents do not need to avoid in case of illness of their children, our practices, therefore, and their offspring may be other health risks auszusetzen", BVKJ-President of the Association Dr. Thomas Fischbach says. Vaccinations and check-up appointments need to and should not be moved therefore. NK

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