Coronavirus symptoms: US woman reveals an unusual symptom she experienced

CORONAVIRUS has created devastation in its wake. Many are on high alert as the deadly virus hurtles towards its peak stages. A woman has reached out on Twitter hoping to shed light on the warning signs associated with . One woman detailed her experience with symptoms before she was diagnosed 


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A woman from USA has reported an unusual symptom she suffered from warning others.

Julia Bucaglia, 20, tested positive for coronavirus and shared her unusual symptom on Twitter.

Ms Buscaglia contracted the virus while out in Italy and initially began to suffer from a fever.

She tweeted that she saw a doctor in Italy who told her she had a cold and said: “I proceeded with my day. At this point, I had begun to lose hearing in my left ear, I figured it was congestion.

“Still I had NO cough.” Is hearing loss a symptom of coronavirus?

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 shared in a Twitter thread the unusual symptoms she suffered with, including hearing loss in the hopes of warning others.

“Its important to tell everyone my experience,” Julia added. Julia did not become alarmed to this new symptom as she still had no cough and didn’t believe it was anything too serious.

She said: “I still couldn’t hear and at this point I lost all ability to taste and smell, yet I did not have a runny nose or cough.

“I had a headache constantly during the day which I just treated with Tylenol. I left the next morning to return to America.

Ms Buscaglia lia added that she was not checked at the airport for Covid-19 when she flew home from Italy on 4 March.


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“This is the day I look back on and get scared. I flew home, and not a single person asked where I had been. Not even at customs.

“They didn’t blink an eye at me. I had layovers in large cities. Again, there was no doubt in my mind that I didn’t have the virus,” she said on Twitter.

Ms Buscaglia’s hearing eventually returned, and she suffered from a wet cough before ten days later she was tested positive for coronavirus.

Ms Buscaglia said that on the day of the results, she had “no symptoms, a slight remaining cough, but nothing of concern I thought.”


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Is hearing loss a symptom of coronavirus

In a study with the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, viral infections causing hear loss was investigated. The study noted: “A number of viral infections can cause hearing loss.

“Hearing loss induced by these viruses can be congenital or acquired, unilateral or bilateral.

“Certain viral infections can directly damage inner ear structures, others can induce inflammatory response which then cause this damage, and still others can increase susceptibility or bacterial or fungal infection, leading to hearing loss.

The study concluded that hearing loss caused by viruses can range from mild to severe, to profound and the mechanisms involved in the induction of hearing loss by different viruses vary greatly.

The loss could be due to damage to the inner ears structures, including inner ear hair cells. “Following infections with certain viruses, hearing loss can be reversed or limited by appropriate antiviral therapy,” said the study.

If you are experiencing hearing loss its important to monitor your symptoms and take the preventative measures needed.

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