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The genetic Material of the SARS-CoV-2 detectable in the stool

The genetic Material of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can be detected in human faeces. This means that the Virus can be transmitted by the chair and the new protection measures are now necessary to prevent the spread of the Virus through feces?

In the current evaluation of the various studies by the research group of E. Susan Amirian from Rice University have been reviewed, whether the COVID-19 causing can be transferred to the end of the Virus SARS-CoV-2 by the chair. The results were published in the English-language journal “International Journal of Infectious Diseases”.

Genetic Material of Coronavirus in fecal matter present

Some studies showed already evidence of genetic Material of Coronavirus in feces. The question here is whether the disease can be transferred with the chair turned. The new study therefore reviewed the currently available literature for the detection of the novel Coronavirus in the feces of persons with COVID-19.

Infectious viruses in stool samples identified

“Most of the studies that have been carried out, deal more with viral RNA in the chair as with the infectious Virus. A few studies have shown, however, that infectious viruses in stool samples can be available,“ says study author E. Susan Amirian, an Epidemiologist from the University of Rice in a press release.

Infectious virus in the stool is extremely worrying

The mere presence of genetic Material is less troubling, explained the expert. However, if in the further future studies in infectious quantities of viable virus of life would be found in the chair, this meant that a Transmission by the faecal-oral route is possible.

New security measures are required?

If in future research re-enabled virus life to be found in the stool, this could mean quite a far-reaching impact for society, especially for people who trade, for example, in restaurants, in care homes and day centres work says Amirian.

Further research is needed

“Ultimately, more research is needed to determine whether the exposure is spread over chair of this Virus and the pandemic worsens. But given this opportunity we should be more careful, especially in environments in which people have due to COVID-19 increased morbidity and mortality risk,“ adds the expert.

Observe proper hygiene practices

It leads to no disadvantage, if people are in compliance with exemplary personal hygiene practices very carefully until it is known whether the exposure leads to a chair to spread the Virus, according to the study author more. So far, this could, however, not with absolute certainty say.

Many diseases can be transmitted through fecal contamination

There are many other diseases which are transmitted by fecal contamination, including Hepatitis A and noroviruses. “A high degree of caution will only help for the case that COVID-19 can be distributed in this way, really,” adds Amirian. To clarify the question, we should pay attention to safety, however, increases the Hygiene. (as)