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Corona-disease: patients with malnutrition have worse prognoses

It’s been known for some time that older people and those with certain pre-existing conditions of the most by the novel Coronavirus vulnerable people. But even people who eat incorrectly, according to new findings of an increased risk for a severe COVID-19-history.

By COVID-19, particularly people that tend to be on the basis of age and pre – existing diseases to malnutrition are at risk, or develop during the intensive treatment, or strengthen, according to the most recent communication from the University of Hohenheim. According to Prof. Dr. med could. Stephan C. Bischoff, of the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany, even children.

Not only high age and pre-existing medical conditions increase the risk

Recently, the Institute for work and technology (IAT/ Westphalian University of applied Sciences) reported that in the case of certain pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure, Diabetes, heart disease or stroke is a particularly serious COVID seizures-19-course threatens.

In addition, the likelihood for serious illness is increasing gradients with increasing age, says the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

As the University of Hohenheim now writes, in addition to people whose immune system is weakened by age and pre-existing conditions already, poor and malnourished people at risk in the case of a COVID-19-disease particularly.

“A good nutritional state of the patient significantly reduces the likelihood of a severe course of the disease to go through, continuing to develop damage or even death,” says Prof. Bischoff.

Malnutrition in children

However, the stay in an intensive care unit, which can be a result of the severe diseases of the respiratory system is necessary, lead in COVID-19-patients and in -patients more likely to Fail – and a lack of food due to the inflammation processes developed or further aggravated.

The novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is affection mainly of the respiratory tract, the disease can also be associated with Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, thus reducing the food consumption and utilization, in addition, will be affected.

According to the experts, the body will build the consequence of skeletal muscle, which could in turn lead to a decrease in the quality of life, additional diseases or even disability – and this long after the treatment on the intensive care unit.

Prof. Bischoff warns in this connection to think not only of older people: “malnutrition and Obesity are in our society and in children, a very present phenomenon. With these pre-loads, the risk of viral pneumonia and a life-threatening Infection rises.“

Therefore, the nutritional medicine calls for: “The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Under – and malnutrition should be a routine integral part in the treatment of each COVID-19-patients.”

Prior to a disease to care for healthy nutrition

It was also important that vulnerable people, particularly in the run-up to a possible COVID-19-disease on your nutritional status.

“People with known malnutrition or at risk of should be ideally of experienced nutritionists, or physicians supported”, recommends Prof. Bischoff.

These professionals can also assess in how far a Supplement the daily diet with vitamins and minerals necessary to achieve optimal defense against infection.

The Thesis that an Overdose of vitamins constitutes a special protection, not Prof. Bischoff but to sign.

“It is important to prevent micro-nutrient deficiencies and treat them. However, there is no proven evidence that in well-nourished, healthy individuals, the routine use of micronutrients in high doses infection with COVID-19 prevent or the progression of the disease can improve,“ says the expert.

Regular physical activity also in quarantine

Similar to important as the diet and the regular physical activity of patients, the life because of a COVID-19-suspicion in quarantine was.

“The 14-day quarantine at home promotes a Seating or lying way of life, for example, in front of the TV or the Computer. In the result of regular physical activity and thus energy consumption to take off,“ warns Prof. Bischoff.

The quarantine could, therefore, lead to a deterioration of chronic diseases, weight gain, and the breakdown of skeletal muscle, as well as a reduced immune response. This, in turn, the risk of disease non-infected persons in quarantine promotes.

A regular workout at home with various simple and easy-to-implement Exercises was well suited to the fitness level to maintain. In the process, strengthening exercises, balance training, stretching exercises, or a combination would be, for example, out of the question.

To nutrients for more recommendations and treatments

Further recommendations and, above all, concrete treatment suggestions for practicing Doctors, as published in Prof. Bischoff now as a member of an international team of authors in a guide.

The Initiator of the expert recommendation, the European society for clinical nutrition and metabolism (European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism) (ASPEN) in cooperation with the world health organization (WHO).

Appeared the publication in the journal “Clinical Nutrition”. (ad)