Has technology altered your daily routine? Here’s how it could be harming you

Just like how kids are discouraged from prolonged use of electronic gadgets, adults have to discipline themselves, too.

It is said that excess of anything is bad. And the lockdown has been teaching us that it is important to stick to a schedule. If you are not following one and are instead relying too much on technology, here is why it could be bad news for you.

For starters, people have more time on their hands now — the time they have been able to save by staying at home and not commuting to work. So, what started off as something seemingly harmless, has become an addiction for many. With still some time before they get back to the hustle and the daily grind, many people are literally staying in bed for hours on end, to binge-watch web shows and films. Why is this a bad thing? It has been established and emphasised enough that getting up and moving around is good for the physical health and fitness. It allows you to stretch your muscles and keep away any and all kinds of pain, especially those to do with neck and back. Now, if you stay put in one one place, all day every day, you do a great disservice to your body.

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Next, if you think staying abreast with whatever is happening around the world by means of technology is a good thing, then let us share a caveat. While yes, it is helpful to know what is going on right now, a flood of information can affect your mental health, too. You have to know to discern the facts from the myths. With technology having permeated our lives, we receive a lot of information, some of which could be misleading. This could cause stress and add to the anxiety, especially for those are in a fragile state of mind during lockdown. So, it could help you to know when to pull the plug on technology and call it a day.

How much is too much?

Everybody needs a downtime, especially those who are working long hours from home. A change of mind is much-needed. But, how to know if your screen time has become unhealthy? Once done with work, many people stay up until wee hours, mindlessly scrolling through their social media feeds. This could be one of the first signs of addiction. They could instead use this time to catch some shuteye. It is, therefore, ideal to keep the phone away while going to bed, and give priority to sleep.

Science says that smartphone addiction could come in the way of you getting about with your daily chores. It could come in the way of your priorities, too. If you are supposed to finish a household chore, or an official assignment, and you find yourself gravitating towards your phone instead, know that you could be needing a digital detox.

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Physical health

Too much phone usage could come in the way of health. It can strain your eyes, cause irritation, itchiness and, in extreme cases, permanent damage, too. Just like how kids are discouraged from prolonged use of electronic gadgets, adults have to discipline themselves, too. You could, instead, consciously go back to old hobbies, like reading a book in your free time, doing some workout, or simply taking a walk.

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