If the upper limit is exceeded for Re-infections: provinces decide for themselves how the measures look like in practice

The Coronavirus pandemic, the world and Germany in breath, More than three million people have already signed up with the novel Virus-causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 infected – 164.841 of them in Germany.

The länder take responsibility for further loosening of the Corona restrictions, but must also respond to the possible negative consequences immediately. The Federal government and the Länder agreed on Wednesday that the countries ensure that in districts or circle-free cities with more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within the last seven days immediately consequent restriction of the concept must be implemented. The learned the German press Agency from participants circles of the Turn of German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the heads of government of the countries.

However, the strokes of the Federation and the Länder in the draft is still referred to, the limitation of concepts would have to consider what the 20. April nationwide had been applied. Thus, the countries decide for themselves how the conditions, specifically, need to look.

"Otherwise, we will open it without any Sicherung"

In the Switch there had been heated discussions, mainly because the city-States Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen did not want to accept this limit. The critics of the numbers preset, warned that then maybe out of fear of new restrictions just less not going to are tested, in order not to fall into the danger, at the end of over the limit.

Merkel did, however, finally through with your proposal, it said. I understand that the Chancellor warned strongly not to ignore infections. It began in Italy and France. Also Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder supported the upper limit for new infections as "the Central part of the decision. Otherwise, we will open it without any Sicherung", he said, according to the participants.

Especially in the case of wide Openings increases the risk of a dynamic development, the start of the pandemic often
local events began and then was widely used, it said. Therefore, you have to pay a certain relevance to regional dynamics, with high new Infection and a rapid increase in the rate of infection immediately with limitations of react

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