Infected girls with 172 people contact – and no one

In the case of a nine-year-old French child who, in spite of a long period of time remained Coronavirus undetected infection infected no one, has the science: A recent in the US medical journal “Clinical Infectious Diseases” published study found that Coronavirus were Tests in all 172 of the contact persons of the child negatively. According to the researchers, the case could indicate that children can play in the dissemination of Sars-Cov-2 no important role.

The nine-year-old child had been infected in the Eastern French Region of Haute-Savoie with the Coronavirus and without the knowledge of his infection to three Ski lessons. The health authorities were later 172 people who had come in during the incubation period contact with the child. Coronavirus-Tests for all of the contact persons were negative. Even his own siblings had not attached to the child.

Children might not have a significant Headpiece

64 per cent of the contact persons seasonal diseases such as influenza had been detected, says the study. The case provide evidence that “children may not be a significant source of Transmission of this novel Virus,” the report says.

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The nine-year-old child have only had mild symptoms, the authors write. As the epidemiologist and Co-author of the study, Kostas Danis, the news Agency AFP said, suffered from the child in addition to other diseases of the respiratory tract.

Infection in children is usually harmless

A large part of the well-known Corona-infections in children is benign. It is feared, however, that infected children may infect the elderly or members of risk groups. In many countries, are closed due to this concern, schools and daycares.

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