Sad Brand! Italy reports: Now more than 10,000 Deaths from Coronavirus

In Italy, have died since the beginning of the pandemic more than 10 000 with the Coronavirus-infected people. The civil protection reported on Saturday 889 new cases of death. Thus, the total number of the dead rose to 10.023.

The Corona-crisis holds the world in suspense: more than 20,000 people, according to official Numbers from the Saturday, in the meantime, the consequences of the Coronavirus died. Worldwide, almost 28,000 Deaths have been reported, more than 605.000 infected.

In the Chinese city of Wuhan, the starting point of the pandemic, returned on Saturday for the first time, normality, while around the globe is still more than three billion people in Isolation life.

In Italy, almost 1000 people died through Saturday within 24 hours – an unprecedented increase in a single country. Italy is 10.023 dead, the country with the highest death rate, followed by Spain, which broke on Saturday with 832 new dead is also a sad record. A total of more than 5690 people have died there from the Virus.

In Germany, the increase in Corona’s case will continue to pay: According to the Robert Koch Institute from Saturday, the number of Infected rose to 6294 on 48.582. The number of dead rose to 325.

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