No Celebration: göttingen, large families defend themselves against allegations and attack the city

After the Coronavirus outbreak in the lower Saxony town of Göttingen, in the meantime, 120 people are infected. This is the city of Göttingen said on Wednesday. Three of the patients would now be treated as an inpatient in hospitals.

After the Corona onset in Göttingen in connection with several private family celebrations, the number of positive to the Virus tested people has risen to more than a hundred. In the city of Göttingen, 86 of the infections had been found, would add 18 infections in the surrounding district, as well as a not-yet-associated infection. A further 218 people had been provided as a point of contact in the first degree under quarantine.

There is also an infected employees in an old people’s home and in göttingen, outdoor swimming pool, which is now closed. Whether these infections are celebrations in connection with the family, however, is not finally clarified, informed the social head of the Department of Petra Broistedt on Wednesday evening. The 123 residents and the approximately 100 employees of the old home should be tested on Covid-19, said the social Department.

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Roma families are fighting back against allegations: there Were no family celebrations

After the mass outbreak in the göttingen residential block of Roma families fight back against the allegations, to have the outbreak with several family celebrations in debt. There have been no private parties, you had only come in a nearby mosque, together. This event had been approved by the city, and you’ve kept all of Corona requirements. The Berlin &quot reported;Tagesspiegel". “There was no private Party,” the newspaper quoted a man who knows the Roma families.

Also reports on the young people of the family, will be gone in a hookah Bar, not to be true. The so-called Patient Zero have to do with the family, but was a of other residents of the göttingen residential blocks. The families had happened pointed out to the authorities several times to the misconduct of the man who had violated the quarantine regulations- but nothing. Also, the reports that members of large families would have been denied Corona-test, do not correspond to the truth. “The fact is that several members of the family of test stations were sent away, with the note that they were symptom-free”, – quotes the "Tagesspiegel" an anonymous member of a large family.

A Roma network charges in the paper now allegations: “The city has not responded to the complaints of the inhabitants, that a man had violated the quarantine, and is now pushing their own failures on the residents.”

In the residential complex are reported according to the town of about 600 people. The authorities suspect, however, that there is still much more.


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