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Can Orujo olive oil weight prevent problems?

More and more people in the world Overweight and obesity. There is a simple way to protect yourself against unwanted weight gain? Ingested with food Orujo olive oil, a significant reduction of obesity as well as vascular and inflammatory complications seems to make a difference.

In the current study of the International University of Catalonia, it was found that ingested with food Orujo olive oil (POCTA) contributes in obese mice to a significant reduction of obesity, and less vascular and inflammatory complications causes. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Nutrients”.

What Orujo olive oil is?

POCTA is obtained from a by-product (Orujo) olive oil, which is actually considered industrial waste, but could contribute to the new study to back its biological and nutritional value as a functional food, and greater focus. The Oil is produced from the Rest of the olive that remains after the extraction of the extra virgin olive oil. Orujo olive oil was formerly often referred to as olive-pomace oil.

Mice were used for the study of fat-rich feeds

For the study, mice were fed over a period of ten weeks with two different forms of food. Once the animals received a high content of saturated fats, which are often referred to as unhealthy fats. The second Form of the diet had the same calorie content, but it contained, in addition, Orujo olive oil.

Weight reduction of about 30 percent

After the ten weeks was observed in the mice that were fed with Orujo olive oil, a significant weight reduction of about 30 percent, compared with mice, the only a high fat diet, reports the research team.

Orujo olive oil reduces body fat and protects the liver

This study shows for the first Time, that Orujo olive oil reduced in obese animals, only the weight of the body, but also the body fat (adipose tissue) and inflammation of the liver, while at the same time, insulin resistance and obesity-related vascular disorders can be reduced, stress the researchers.

Further research is appropriate

These preliminary studies in animals provide very important information about the use of the Orujo olive oil as a functional food due to its content of triterpene acids such as oleanolic acid and Maslinic as bioactive molecules. The researchers point out that, prior to the discovery of the therapeutic potential of these molecules, controlled clinical studies should be carried out to be able to draw conclusions about their effect in humans, and possible health effects pull.

Orujo olive oil is a source of bioactive molecules

In contrast to other Oils, such as coconut or palm oil, has the Orujo of Olive Oil in the last few years-forgotten product, as a source of bioactive molecules with great therapeutic potential against obesity and the Metabolic syndrome developed metabolic disorders proven, conclude the researchers. (as)