The antibiotic juice: the mixture works

Antibiotics-dry juices, properly prepared, is not easy. To hot, to much, to little or no water: If parents own juices to dissolve the Dry, are a lot of errors possible. Many pharmacists offer, therefore, is to demonstrate the correct preparation.

In the case of the so-called dry juice, the manufacturer fills the antibiotic together with excipients, as a powder in a bottle. This dry powder is suitable for storage. Immediately before application, the Patient is added to fill the water, resulting in a juice. "Pour in the water just sounds – it is not in practice but. Is filled in the first step, too little water may result in tough floor set, which can be not shaken. The liquid is then removed from the bottle, is under dosed. The beg√ľnstigen&quot in the case of antibiotics, the formation of resistance;, pharmacist Dr. Wolfgang Kircher the pharmacist says-training Congress pharmacon Schladming, Austria.

Kircher also criticised the marker, up to which the water is to be filled, is seen in some specimens difficult to find. Another Problem with dry juices is that the Shaking is often a stable foam is formed. This can make it difficult to Measure the correct dose.

Tablets, eye and ear drops köcan also be problematic

Dry the single dosage form, which are often problematic are not juices. As further examples, the pharmacist called the often very large pills, and eye or ear drops with antibiotics. Also, people with Handicaps, such as reduced fine motor skills or visual impairment, have difficulty. "Who has problems with the application of medicines, should discuss this with his pharmacist. We find in the pharmacy for almost every problem an individual solution."