The village doctor explains how the Corona curse on the Ski Mecca of Ischgl broke in

Ischgl, this is actually for the slopes, snow, Party. To about 1600 inhabitants more than 10 000 guest beds and 239 kilometers of ski slopes. “Relax, if you can” is the Marketing Slogan of the small Austrian town. The relaxed atmosphere is gone. In Ischgl and the Paznaun valley, while returns to calm, but a lot of talk.

The international headlines, in which Ischgl is about as "Viruses Slingshot Europas" is referred to deal with the people. "Many have Angst", a woman who would rather remain anonymous says. Some could not sleep, others are desperate. It is a matter of existence, because the most important source of income in the valley, in the entire province of Tyrol, is now the tourism. "We are from the feeling to the deep point." Now it was soon the scapegoat of the world. The pain is very.

The village doctor tested the bartender is positive, the was the epitome of Corona-Ischgl

Andreas Walser lives his whole life in Ischgl. Everyone in the village knows him as a doctor, with a distinctive mustache. He takes care in case of diseases and accidents to the residents, the staff in the Hotels and the tourists. Also in the case of infections, it is the first point of contact. On 7. March performs Walser, a man in his practice, a Corona Test. The man is a bartender in one of the hottest Après-Ski restaurants in the area. There, every evening, gather the tourists, drink beer and party. The Test is positive – the bartender is the first confirmed Corona case in Ischgl, according to research by the Agency for health and food safety but not the first carrier of the virus in place.

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"This is the first Patient came to us with a severe flu-like Infekt", the village doctor Walser recalls. He did the Test "on the basis of symptoms and a history of vorgenommen". Later, the man had indicated, "that there is feedback on home-traveled guests, the wurden&quot tested at home a positive effect on Covid-19;. In front of the 7. March, explains Walser in the medical jargon, there was not a single with this Virus typical lung involvement. "Neither at us, nor in the hospital or in the clinic Innsbruck", he says the German press Agency.

Thousands of people are infected in Tirol with Corona

But already on 5. In March, the Austrian authorities reached a message from Iceland. 15 people were positive in the Coronavirus tested, your return journey back to the sun already for a few days. Iceland declared Ischgl to the risk area, the Tyrolean authorities, however, assume that it came on the plane and not in the country to contagion. In the ski resorts is celebrated for days. Then, on 13. March, is imposed on Ischgl and the Paznaun valley, a quarantine, however, with the possibility for tourists – and for the Virus to leave the valley. The lifts are available from the 16. March still.

The Austrian consumer advocates Peter Kolba more than 4000 messages of people are now indicating that in March in Tirol with the Coronavirus infected. More than 70 percent of these messages were from Germany. And the majority of people, to give, to be in Ischgl been. "Our main focus is on the authorities, which have acted in our suspicion – slowly. We assume that the commercial Considerations so war", Kolba says recently the "Standard".

"I think that there is an urgent need, at the right time, the Whole independent aufzuarbeiten", Ingrid Felipe (Green) says. She is the Deputy country Manager in the Tyrol, and judgment, which the country is currently exposed to bother the Lump. "It may be that there are a few that have earned this criticism. But you also caught a lot of that may have caused." 

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Village doctor: "Us the Virus out of the blue getroffen&quot has;

In the case of the village doctor Walser the accusations that Ischgl for the spread of the Coronavirus, and thus the suffering of the people is responsible to come also again and again. "Also, we have inherited the Virus, and also us has made this Virus out of the blue Himmel", he is referring to. "This happened to us and we then tried to respond with all the resources under the requirements of the authorities." In Ischgl it is castles, as in other tourist: many international visitors, a brisk traffic in a very small space. In the small Tyrolean district of Landeck, which also includes the Paznaun valley, there are around 800 Corona-cases – in relation to the number of inhabitants is a sad peak in Austria.

"The new infections (Ischgl) reduce zunehmend", Walser explains. "You can feel in Tirol discreet Aufatmen", country politician Felipe says. The quarantine for all Tyrolean municipalities has therefore been repealed, with the exception of St. Anton, Sölden and the Paznaun valley, all well-known winter sports areas.Ask your questions to Covid-19

Green party politician is now hoping for more considerate society

But how does the future look for the country of Tyrol and the tourist? Country politician, Felipe hopes to have a learning effect for the tourism. "I think it is no longer that of the Tyrolean tourism much more in the direction of a climate-friendly, close-to-nature, less in cabin entertainment and Après-Ski and piste kilometres of laid-out tourism should develop." The crisis of large construction projects encounter, to be able to next Winter with even more slopes to advertise, not misleading. "I don’t know if you can now make after such an event, but reserves loose."

In addition, she’s hoping for a little more considerate society. It was now very aware of the fact that people, are have a cough or cold, also really should pull. "The in the self-exploitation that many of us at home, even if you have a cold." 

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