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Ticks are more active

In the Corona-crisis, where the social meeting places are closed, company-a lot of people long walks in the nature. The beautiful weather is not only popular with people also be ticks in the event of rising temperatures, more active. Therefore, you should take in case of long stays in the nature of some pre-existing conditions.

The weather is getting warmer, and walks are also allowed in Corona times. Who is in field, forest and Meadow on the road, but must expect little critters. Rising temperatures and density provide increased Ticks. The center for travel medicine (CRM) points.

Beware of ticks during Outdoor exercise

Because Sport and movement in the environment, in contrast to trips or excursions is allowed everywhere, many people with spring-like temperatures are amplified in the Free. Doctor Tomas Jelinek advises to wear stays in the Green long pants and closed-toe shoes. Tick-protection for Rubbing or Spraying are also useful – especially if you are high-risk areas is in ticks-on-the-go.

After the excursion should, throats in addition, the ticks ‘ preferred regions of the body such as the knees, armpits, pubic area, navel, belly folds and the area to be searched behind the ears thoroughly. For the quick removal of a tick lowering the risk of disease.

What are the risks of ticks?

Ticks can transmit a summer tick-borne encephalitis(TBE)and Lyme disease. Against TBE is vaccination, the Permanent vaccination Commission STIKO for all tick-recommends-Exposed in high-risk areas. Among the länder with the highest TBE risk of Transmission of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. (vb; Source dpa/tmn)