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Body’s Vitamin D formation by sunlight

Vitamin D is one of the vitamins where there is a lack often. A Vitamin D deficiency can have drastic effects especially on bone health. To soak up enough of the important Vitamin “” you should stop, especially in the warm Season, regularly outside.

Vitamin D is essential for bone health. Like the consumer advice centre of South Tyrol, declared in a recent communication, regulate the Vitamin the calcium and Phosphate metabolism and promotes the intestinal absorption of calcium from food. In the case of irradiation of sunlight, the human body makes in the skin to Vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency can have serious consequences

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) according to a Vitamin D may have a lack of significant effects on bone health. The most serious consequences are, therefore, the descaling and finally, the softening of the bones.

In infants and children this can lead to rickets, that is to serious disturbances of bone growth and joints permanent deformation of the skeleton including Aufreibungen in the area of growth.

In addition, a decreased muscle power, decreased muscle tone and increased infections are often the susceptibility is observed.

In adults it can cause weakness to deformation of the supporting bone to bone pain and muscle as well as force reduction – and thus to the clinical picture of osteomalacia.

Another disease that can Vitamin D help deficiency, is osteoporosis, which manifests itself according to the RKI, especially in the higher age.

Stays Outdoors

However, as the important Vitamin enters the body? In General, the body makes in the skin 80 to 90 percent of the Vitamin itself – with the help of sunlight, specifically UV-B radiation. A stay in the Outdoors is necessary, writes the RKI.

The consumer advice centre of South Tyrol, according to the sun, is to allow radiation from March to October, in our Latitudes, sufficiently strong to have a good supply on the body’s Vitamin D formation.

No excessive sun baths are not necessary: even for regular short stays (from 15 to 25 minutes) or walking in the fresh air enough.

“Specifically, it is recommended that the face, hands and arms two to three times per week and only for a short period of time without sunscreen, exposure to the sun,” explains Silke Raffeiner, nutrition expert of the consumer advice centre of South Tyrol.

The skin can also form in the morning and later in the afternoon, and even in the shade, Vitamin D is. Especially around lunch time, the skin should be protected with a sunscreen.

With saved Surpluses over the Winter to come

In the cold Season, the solar radiation is too weak to supply the body sufficiently with the skin formed Vitamin D.

This is also a study from Switzerland, which shows that it is from late autumn to early spring, by Far, possible, shows, alone, with the sun to synthesize radiation by the world health organization (WHO) recommended daily dose of 0.024 milligrams of Vitamin D.

Because the Vitamin is fat-soluble and in the liver, in the body fat and in the muscles can be saved, but it is possible to come in the spring and summer by staying in the Free “provisions” and in the body of the stored Surpluses over the Winter.

The body’s formation of Vitamin D is so important, because the food is only a small part of the demand can be covered, only around ten to 20 per cent.

Because only a few foods Vitamin D include: mainly the fat sea fish such as salmon and herring, egg yolks, liver and wild mushrooms.

For some people, dietary supplements may be useful

The intake of Vitamin-D-supplements (supplements) recommend that food companies only if a non-sufficient supply and regular Outdoor exercise is not possible.

This applies to some older people, the sick or people in need of care, but also on people with chronic diseases of the intestine or of the kidneys.

According to the consumer the gift of Vitamin D is recommended for infants throughout the first year of life-preparation. When taking a dietary Supplement an Overdose should be avoided, because of this kidney stones or kidney calcification can cause. (ad)

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