You can help! Donation Marathon for the big dream of children with a rare genetic disease

About 60 to 80 people in Germany suffer from the hereditary disease PCH-2. Those who have the genetic defect, can not speak, walk properly or swallow. Parents of children with PCH-2 have been done in Germany to meet the children with a big dream: a cruise, the Cruise4Life. Today is a One-woman fundraising Marathon will be held.

Again and again, FOCUS Online has made together with Cruise4Life-spokesman Axel Mitte on the Situation of children and their families, as well as this action to your attention. Axel Mitte is the father of two sons who suffer from PCH-2. We have learned to the care of PCH-2-children to the great task in life of parents and how much love in the families (see also Video above).Here you will find everything to PCH-2 and the struggle of the families.

The cruise Cruise4Life would have to take place this year, due to the corona crisis have to have patience for kids and parents but more. During the waiting time more money for Cruise4Life to collect the action "42.195 km. Jenny runs for Cruise4Life" started. Jenny Schmid wanted to actually run the Hamburg Marathon this Sunday. However, due to Corona, the event was cancelled. Now Jenny runs alone – from 9.30 Mitte and his son, Felix, accompanied by Axel on the bike. In real life, it is the other way around: Jenny’s family accompanied Axel Mitte and his sons – she is the wife of a Nurse for the children. FOCUS Online/Lisa-Marie Jeschina


Account holder: PCH family e. V.
IBAN DE54 2905 0101 0082 5458 72
Sparkasse Bremen
Keyword: Cruise4life



You need a donation receipt? You write your address on the keyword, or you can contact the organizers.

Dual-PCH-Papa Axel Mitte writes to the action on his Facebook page: "Please presses the thumbs up! If you want to be at the last minute to Sponsor this super cool action, you can leave a comment, what amount he or she donates to each and every one of Jenny kilometre (with a maximum of 42.195 km), a minimum set of 50ct per km, but I’ve tried it: 10€ per km also ;)."

Axel Mitte is impressed by Jenny Schmid’s action: "It has set itself this goal in the head and holds on in spite of setbacks to it." The runner had to make, among other things, in the 16-week preparation, two weeks of rest because of a flu. You have more made. Then the Hamburg Marathon had been cancelled. "No matter, then Solo-run."

Here you will find all the Live and information about Jenny’s Marathon.

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