5 Reasons You Should Book A Remedial Massage Post-Lockdown

If you feel like you’ve aged 10 years in the three months since the lockdown began, you’re certainly not alone. Aside from dealing with the stress of a global pandemic, many people are also still reeling from job loss, hours spent homeschooling and, of course, endless washing up.

Now that restrictions are easing somewhat, experts suspect many people will experience the flip-side of isolation, aptly named “re-entry syndrome”. Likened to the feeling you get after returning from a long stint overseas, it’s likely to stimulate a whole new form of stress as you navigate a new world order. But before you get too anxious about post-lockdown life, rest assured there are steps you can take to optimise your self-care. The first one of these should include booking in a remedial massage – here’s why:

1. You’ve been through more stress in 3 months than you may have in 30 years

Globally, we’ve not experienced this level of economic, emotional and mental stress in decades. Therefore, self-care needs to be top of mind in 2020. endota, which has re-opened a large number of its stores across the nation this month, boasts a number of professionally trained remedial massage therapists who can help with any of your post-iso massage needs.

2. It will help heal your iso-posture

Remedial massage is great for chronic pain, sports injury management, muscle aches and overall healing. But it’s also ideal for those iso aches and pains you’re probably experiencing. “You may have been less active over the past month or so,” says endota spa’s Remedial Massage program leader Tino D’Angelo. “Any lower back, neck or shoulder issues may be made worse by a poor ergonomic set up in the home office.”

 3. Massage benefits your mental health too

The healing powers of touch should never be under-estimated – not only has regular massage been proven to help temporarily lower blood pressure, it also helps to trigger those happy endorphins. “That’s why you feel so uplifted after a really good massage,” explains D’Angelo. “These neurotransmitters help relieve pain and also improve your mood.” Sign us up!

4. It’s the ultimate form of physical self-care

“Massage is an intervention,” Tino says. “We know stress can cause pain which can then affect the whole body. Your hormones might feel out of whack. And that leads to other problems. When the body feels pain, it constricts blood vessels. Massage can increase the blood flow into the areas that need nutrients.” Research also indicates that regular massages can give your immune system a boost by increasing the productivity of disease-fighting white blood cells. 

5. 50 minutes of uninterrupted bliss; need we say more?

If you’ve been struggling to get any time to yourself lately thanks to the joys of working from home / home-schooling, a remedial massage is the perfect way to reclaim the clock. You don’t need to see anyone, answer any phone calls or worry about anything. What are you waiting for?!

An endota spa remedial massage is 50 minutes long and priced from AU $120. You may be able to claim treatment with your private health fund. Please check with your spa.

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