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The Coronavirus through mobile applications defeat?

Newly published results for the Transmission of corona virus could be used for development of mobile applications that enable an immediate contact tracing in record time. A rapid development and wide application of such Apps could slow down the transmission rate of the disease significantly.

A research team at the internationally recognised University of Oxford has reviewed the possibilities of a Corona App as a mobile application for immediate contact tracing and comes to the conclusion that such an App would be quite helpful, if a lot of people have this installed. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Science”.

Mobile application for contact tracing is needed urgently

“We need a mobile application to contact tracing, in order to support health services to control the Transmission of corona virus, to control interventions in a targeted manner and to ensure the safety of the people,” says Professor Christophe Fraser of the University of Oxford in a press release. If as quickly as possible appropriate Apps to be developed, could help to slow down the transmission rate of COVID-19 significantly.

Traditional contact tracing is too slow

“Our analysis suggests that about half of the Transfers takes place in the early Phase of infection, before it shows any symptoms of the infection. Our mathematical models make it clear that the traditional approaches for the identification of contact persons in the public healthcare system to provide incomplete data and with the pace of this pandemic are not able to keep pace,“ explains the expert.

How would work the App?

The concept of mobile application was adjusted so that it no longer needs to use the location data of the using Person, but a special Version of Bluetooth uses, to log all the users of the application, they have come in the last days near.

The App would inform people at risk

If you are infected, be alert, these people immediately and anonymously, and are asked to isolate themselves. If the user of the App decide to share additional data, you could support the health services in addition, to identify Trends and to take specific counter-measures.

Advantages of the App

A mobile App could slow down the Transfer, at any stage of the epidemic until vaccines and antiviral treatments are widely available. It could also be used to allow a safe Transition from the movement restriction. Such an application could also help to reduce the serious social, psychological and economic impacts caused by the extensive contact restrictions.

Unnecessary Isolation could be lifted

The App could warn people at risk at an early stage, but it can also break the insulation, if it is clear that we have come with anyone in contact who is infected. It could also be in the future, a broader re-emergence of the Coronavirus avoided in the community.

Public trust must be promoted

The scientific study underlines the importance of strict ethical Standards to the successful and appropriate use of mobile technology in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic under the walls. With a transparent and comprehensive ethical oversight, ensuring a real Public trust, would it be possible to both save life and to protect civil liberties, so the research team. The App needs to allow for this, a secure data storage and protect your privacy. (as)