Coronavirus: Higher risk for people with allergies?

The daily rising infection numbers with SARS-CoV-2 is currently the whole of Germany. Many people ask, how high is your personal risk for an infection or a severe course is, among other things, people with hay fever and other allergies.

The answer is: no, there is no increased risk, according to the European centre for Allergy research Foundation (ECARF). "People with hay fever have not decreased immunological defense, you are "immune-geschwächt" and the defense against bacteria and viruses is normal", Prof. Dr. med says. Karl-Christian Bergmann, ECARF-expert. Pollen Allergy sufferers have an increased immunological response to the in the air flying Pollen. "They form antibodies against the allergens of the Pollen that are in the skin due to a skin Allergy test or detectable in the blood. This is not a sign of a weakened immunological Abwehr", so Bergmann.

Therapy does not cancel

In the present Situation, the spread of pandemic by the Corona Virus, advises the physician to Allergy sufferers, the the same drugs for the treatment of hay fever apply that you previously used to have. Persons receiving hyposensitization in the Form of injections, tablets or drops that can perform this therapy without any problems and you should not cancel.

People with (allergic) Asthma should also put the recommended therapy for Asthma and unchanged and require no Modification of your drugs. More on the topic of Asthma and Coronavirus you can read here.

Covid-19 or Allergy?

Some of the Allergy issues at the moment also, whether your symptoms might not indicate the lung disease Covid-19. At a closer Look, a distinction is reliably possible: Dry cough is a Symptom that can occur in both Covid-19 as well as hay fever. Allergy sufferers, however, have no fever, and often itchy eyes and nose mucous, and watery eyes, sneeze, and runny nose. These symptoms occur at Covid-19 rarely, if ever, a fever is a very common Symptom.

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