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New Test for COVID-19 quickly leads to results

A newly developed diagnostic Test for COVID-19 is designed for large-scale studies may be of diseased persons. With the Test a lot more samples can be evaluated as previously, resulting in a more effective combating of the threat posed by COVID-19 is possible.

In the current research work of the University of Oklahoma with a diagnostic Test for COVID-19 was tested, which can be evaluated in the future, a much higher number of samples. So could be the spread of COVID-19 is significantly more effective and combats recorded.

Turning point in the fight against COVID-19?

With the newly developed Test can be analyzed in the next 90 days, up to 180,000 samples from people in Oklahoma, reports the researchers. It had already been an emergency approval from the FDA for the Test requested.

Advantages of the new Tests

An easy-to-access and quick testing on COVID-19 not only allows the timely treatment of ill persons, but also ensures that is routinely larger amounts of people reviewed, so as to control the infections better.

The Test takes only six hours

The new test platform is able to deliver in about six hours results. So can begin in patients with a positive test result, immediately the necessary treatment. In addition, the Test can help you to get a more accurate picture of the spread of the Virus.

Several thousands of test results per day

The new Test used microfluidics technology produces more data, and uses a fraction of the limited test reagents per sample in comparison to previous technologies, explain the researchers. “Solutions that offer scalability and high-speed processing, are of crucial importance to expand the capabilities to test COVID-19,” says Dr. Stephen Prescott, in a press release. The researchers say that the Test will generate several thousands of test results per day.

Test helps to initiate the return to normality

Quick Tests with a high capacity will continue to be crucial for the identification of contact persons in order to determine how many people were exposed to an infected Person. This will also help to determine when and how after the peak of the pandemic, the people with the return to work and in your daily life can begin.

Resources for Tests a challenge for health systems

Since the beginning of the COVID-19-outbreak of adequate resources for testing were a serious challenge for health systems around the world. Speed, scale and automation are crucial components in order to deliver timely results, report the researchers.

Information are important for new forms of treatment and medication

Information about the immune response to the COVID-19-exposure for the assessment of patient management approaches, and the development of effective vaccines and therapeutic approaches is essential. The COVID-19-test program that is currently in Oklahoma City is carried out, positioned the city at the peak of the pandemic preparation efforts in the global fight against this Virus, says the research team. (as)