New Corona Test by the US military detects Infected already 24 hours after infection

A new Test that was developed by a research Department of the U.S. military, to Corona-identify those patients before the first symptoms show. Thus, the spread of the Virus could be much more effective reduce. Is not approved the Test yet.

Scientists working for the U.S. military, have developed a new Test, the Covid-19-the Sick, identify, should, before to be Concerned, even suspicious. So the blood test could prove the Virus as early as 24 hours after infection in the body if no symptoms show.

The Test can be a significant tool in the fight against the spread of the Virus, said Brad ring of iron, the Director of the research Department of the U.S. military’s Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Project), the “Guardian”. Ring iron speaks in connection with the new Test has even been called a “Gamechanger” – no other deliver early results like this. But still he is not admitted to the Test.

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The blood test does not find the Virus, but are of interest rather for the reaction of the immune system, says Stuart Sealfon, one of the researchers: “And the answer immediately after infection.” So that very much the earlier results were expectable, as in the case of swabs from the mouth, nose, or throat, which usually come only with a suspicion of a Covid-19-infection, if symptoms appear, to use.

The new Test could therefore save a lot of time. The Diseased will, therefore, sent five days earlier to the quarantine, what would be the chains a massive impact on the Infection. Especially for the sick and care for the elderly and for other vulnerable (professional)groups of the Test could therefore be a great opportunity, according to the experts. 

Reported Coronavirus genes in Germany (click on your state)


"The key in the fight against the Virus"

The Test, for a Milliliter of blood is required, searches for the ribonucleic acid, the RNA, of the Virus; specifically, according to the so-called Messenger RNA (mRNA). The RNA is the carrier of the genetic information of the Virus is involved, so instrumental in its propagation, the mRNA is a carrier of the genetic material, they transmit genetic messages within cells.

Using the mRNA, a cell can make virtually any Protein. In the fight against Covid-19 the human immune system is at the mRNA, by antibodies formed against the enemy cells. “This is the key in the fight against the Virus,” says Sealfon.

For the evaluation of the Tests, you could also make use of the same PCR-devices, as they are also known virus test in use. According to the researchers, the sensitivity rate is 95 percent – of the Test should therefore be very reliable.

The Test is approved, it should come from the middle of may, to

Now he has to be approved by the US food and drug administration FDA in which the researchers expect soon – especially given the fear of a second wave of Infection. The thumb goes to the top, should be applied to the new test procedures, as of mid-may in the United States. Then first of all 100,000 Tests should be carried out daily.

The scientists want to publish their research results soon, so that research teams can develop in other countries, similar test methods.

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