Top virologist Kekulé: 3-point Plan to an orderly return to normal life

“We have to adjust to the fact that we need to change for at least a year, our behavior,” says Alexander Kekulé. The virologist calls at the same time, we need to get Germany out of the artificial coma back to life. As he explains in his column model.

It is the question that many people is currently moving: How do we get back from the current state to a more or less normal life? This has been a virologist Alexander Kekulé in the MDR-Podcast.

The scientist, while on the one hand that we must continue to change our behavior. But at the same time, he argues, that as little as possible in economic, social, and psychological collateral to bring damage.

From the “artificial coma” could we get a 3-pillar model explains Kekulé:

1. Smart Distancing

No-contact orders and output restrictions could be relaxed, if the people were intelligent distance. The simplest measure of this is that “people, if you approach the other more than two meters, a simple OP-mask “. The mouth-nose protection protects others. “And there are newer data that will be protected also, to a certain degree,” says the virologist. From Hong Kong you would know by now that the Wearing of simple masks, as all do, but an effect to keep the Virus under control.

When it comes to Kekulé, should the mask to “Standard accessory for the case, that you meet people out there”. In his guest contribution on “time Online”, he adds: “The Federal government should strive with all his power, to procure surgical masks in sufficient numbers. Preliminary can help anyone even with a simple cloth (which should be washed daily).“

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In addition, the measures should apply: to shake hands without, two meters at a distance, hygiene measures, and on major events such as football for a while games do without – at least until the end of the year.

The virologist was optimistic: “If we protect in parallel with the high-risk groups, we could drive the social life again. I think this is very important so that we can be the master of the situation.“

2. Individual Vigilance

Thus, Alexander Kekulé says the personal attention. The people have to be able to provide as good as possible, that you realize that you are sick. “We need to create a way for anyone to leave at any time and anonymous testing,” says the virologist. A quick test should work just like a pregnancy test.

In this way, we could give a Western response to the totalitarian methods in Asia. With personal responsibility and trust in a gentle method would be to keep the disease under control, “without all locked up until the cows come home”.

Contrary to the plans of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn, it don’t need mobile data.

“I’m totally against this cell phone monitoring. This is a turning point in the fundamental rights, is not justified in this case,“ explains Kekulé. In addition, there is epidemiological is no reason to do that. It don’t need any spatial information of the people, if they are reasonable. Clearly, a few Incorrigible there is always. “You have to accept,” says the expert. “This will not lead to the disease getting out of control.” Mathematically considered, has Sars-CoV-2, a reproduction factor of three. Statistically, a Sick person infects three others, with the novel Coronavirus. So if we were to prevent two of the three, explained Kekulé, to is a a and the disease is not more: “This means that we only need to prevent two-thirds of the infections in order to combat the epidemic – and not 100 percent.”

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  • Then we could open relatively quickly the schools and children facilities. For the virologist, proposes that children from the risk of Infection (such as Doctors, nurses) will be tested prior to the first day.

    In his guest contribution, he adds another important point to personal illness, attention: “to bring up The widespread bad habit, coughing and feverish children in the nursery, to work or to leisure, since Covid-19 is not a minor offense more.”

    3. Escalating Border Controls

    If the disease is to be paid through basic immunization of the population in Germany and a lowering of the case is under control, it is necessary to monitor the borders. “We should consistently ensure that no infections are introduced”, says Alexander Kekulé. Therefore, the usual entry controls, such as fever measurement, individual survey and reconnaissance, the indication of the place of stay should be maintained. Relaxed border checks could be when Antigen rapid tests were available.

    All of these measures could bring Germany out of the “coma”, and this is very important now. Together, the people could ensure that the spread of the Virus is slow and the health systems are not overwhelmed.   

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