Coronavirus can survive on shoes for five days – doc says to leave them outside

In the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, we must only leave our homes when it’s essential to do so.

Heading outside is a risk because it can open you up to COVID-19.

It may be carried on a symptomless person or on the things we touch when we’re out and about.

This includes our shoes.

According to experts, the virus is more likely to transfer onto footwear that’s worn in busy places, such as offices, public transport and shopping centres.

And once it’s on synthetic fabric, it can stay there for “days”.

Dr Mary E. Schmidt told Huffington Post that coronavirus could linger on shoes for “five days or more”.

So for this reason, it could be wise to leave them outside your door to prevent contaminating your home.

Public health specialist Carole Winner, who works in Kansas City, recommends doing this.

She added: “The idea is to just not track them throughout the house.”

Another option is to give your footwear a spritz with some disinfectant or go over them with soap and water.

When returning home, it’s also vital to wash your hands.

Health officials recommend doing this for 20 seconds each time, which is equivalent to the “happy birthday” tune being sung twice.

Always make sure your mitts are clean before you touch your face.

You should also lather them up before and after holding food, using the loo or coming in contact with anything that has been contaminated.

For all the latest information on coronavirus, visit the Public Health England website.

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