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Conspiracy theories in corona times: experts give tips for dealing with it

The Coronavirus was grown in a laboratory to harm, depending on the view of these or those groups of the population. Elites and secret societies want to establish a “new world order”. Bill Gates wants forced vaccinations for the whole of humanity. While the corona times, many conspiracy theories are in circulation. But who believes such a thing anyway? And how can you best deal with it?

Especially in the Internet and in the so-called “Hygiene”-Demos: conspiracy theories of crisis in the Corona boom. But why is it so? And how you can deal with people in a social circle, such theses represent? The psychologist Prof. Andreas Kastenmüller, and the literary scholar Dr. Niels Penke of the University of Siegen in a current message answers.

In the case of ignorance, bizarre explanations have an easy game

If it had been up to Attila Hildmann, the 15. May the day should be, everything changed. The chef and author of vegan cookbooks, had announced the end of democracy and the beginning of a “new world order”.

An enemy image: Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the wool building with the Bill-and-Melinda-Gates-Foundation of a health dictatorship.

But of the 15. May is now over, and nothing happened. Nevertheless, Hildmann achieved with his ideas about the social media, hundreds of thousands of people. And he’s not the only one who shares such messages.

“Crisis situations provoke conspiracy theories. Everywhere, where we have to do it with ignorance, have such explanations simple game,“ explains Dr. Niels Penke of the University of Siegen.

The literature scientist is coordinator of the research unit “Popular cultures” and deals with the origins and the proliferation of so-called conspiracy theories. Penke speaks, however, of conspiracy myths, “because a fact check is not to withstand the theories”.

Predominantly intuitive-thinking people are more prone to

As the communication explains, the Corona-crisis is in many ways a breeding ground for conspiracy theories. “People have a need to explain things and predict. This gives you at least the Illusion of control,“ says Prof. Dr. Andreas Kastenmüller, holder of the chair for Social and economic psychology at the University of Siegen.

According to the experts, the conspiracy theories could help, this supposed control, get it back to a positive feeling.

A Virus skips through a chain of coincidences, the people, and such a dramatic effect that scientists change their course your opinion and politicians, do not accept the conspiracy theorists and conspiracy theorists.

“You recognize patterns and cobble together formulate theories. The less information I have – and, in the case of the Coronavirus, there are very few – the easier it is to develop a unique, coherent story,“ explains Prof. Kastenmüller.

For conspiracy theories, especially people are vulnerable, which would mostly think intuitively and less analytically. “Conspiracy theories are popular because they are easy to process,” says the psychologist.

Social media exacerbate the Problem

Unlike, for example, the murder of John F. Kennedy or the attacks of September 11. September, events, interspersed with many myths, this time it’s affected people around the world – whether health patients as a Risk or at-risk patients, professionally, due to short-time working and job loss, or limitations in everyday life, such as a contact prohibition and a curfew.

“The relationship with the Problem is different. And while many try to be reasonable, look for other diversions. These detours are today closer than in the past,“ says Dr. Penke. “Through social media, the content of conspiracy theorists as the Virus itself quasi-exponentially spread.”

Celebrities such as the singer Xavier Naidoo, the chef Attila Hildmann or the former RBB Journalist Ken Jebsen reach a variety of people. At some point the issue will be taken up by the traditional media.

“Then the impression: Oh God, conspiracy theories are everywhere. But this is a mismatch between the media representation and the actual size of the conspiracy movement.“

Learn from history

Nevertheless, Dr. Penke warns us not to take the topic lightly. “The historical consequences of successfully implemented conspiracy theories can each watch: about ritual murder legends as a historical justification of anti-Semitism, which is not yet gone from the world.”

Behind it is a “We against the plug according to the literature, scientists always”. Enemy images can be governments, the media, or capitalism, or even groups such as the Sick.

“The latent danger is that conspiracy theories always provide solutions for the problems. The key people of the need to be put down. How exactly the look you want, but it remains open,“ said Penke. “According to the Motto: We can supply you the villain. What do you want to do with him decides.“

The world health organization (WHO) and many governments have announced in recent weeks that they want to be more active against conspiracies and absurd Coronavirus-rumors approach.

Own attitude to make it clear

Just what can you do for yourself, if, for example, in the WhatsApp Chat calls the neighbor to the Protest, or the uncle in Bill Gates sees the root of all Evil? Not an easy Situation, says Prof. Andreas Kastenmüller.

“Fans and supporters of conspiracy theories are hard to convince of other opinions. You are looking selectively for information that fit to your opinion.“ The best variant is not to ignore, however.

“If I say nothing, it is considered as tacit consent. You should definitely say that it is of a different opinion,“ explains Prof. Kastenmüller.

However, there is a need for moral courage and, in the ideal case, good arguments. But even if the latter just missing, should at least be on one’s own attitude made it clear.

“Even if I can’t convince my uncle: Maybe someone with reads in Chat Yes or someone to listen at the table to reconsider his views.” Or is it the keyword “15. May,” the day started at the now, but no “new world order”. (ad)