Dispute between Top virologists: Drosten Kekulé buttons in children-study

After the dispute between the “image”-newspaper Drosten of the Top virologists Christian still smoldering, threatening to Drosten further Trouble. His virologist colleague, Alexander Kekulé published a guest post in the daily mirror that didn’t like Drosten apparently don’t.

His displeasure Drosten made on Thursday morning via Twitter kund.

Kekulé makes mood. His presentation is biased. He doesn’t know our data, and cited incorrectly. Kekulé himself, one could criticise, he would have to publish something.

Christian Drosten

Kekulé criticized Drosten-study: a Scientific basis is missing

In the guest post for the "Tagesspiegel" Kekulé had the controversial Drosten-study on the Virus load in children is criticized, which is also behind the dispute between Drosten and the "Bild" is.

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In his guest article, Kekulé had called the statistician’s Hero, the have pointed out several methodological errors in the study. The amounts of sample on which the study is based, are not comparable, so Kekulé. The quantity purchased is different too often, in addition, samples were taken at different stages of the disease. In addition, the sample was very small: So Kekulé criticised the fact that only 49 of the Under-11-Year-old were tested for the study, but quite relevant.

Christian Drosten: he Would have had to study to pull back?

Kekulé also indicates that the not the found difference on the basis of the used method was not a long no proof that there was the relevant difference. Overall, the Drosten study lacks the scientific basis. Drosten had to pull the study back, so Kekulé.

Shortly thereafter, Drosten to put:

The Kekulé tried Leonhard Hero himself says about his statistical analysis of our study, that this is konklusiv. Kekulé is no matter, he fires anyway. Thank you for that. We will provide an Update of our data and statistics.

Christian Drosten

Basically, Drosten agreed with a Twitter User, however. Had written: "Now, if the scientists are bashing publicly successive wins at the end of the image."

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