MasterChef host shares immune-boosting soup recipe amid coronavirus pandemic

To protect against coronavirus, many of us are researching ways to boost our immune systems.

The NHS says that “eating more fruit and veg” is a way to “stay healthy this winter”.

So with that being said, it’s important to get more of these products into your diet.

Eating soup is a great way to pack in some of your five a day.

And on today’s episode of This Morning, John Torode shared a recipe that will you well on your way.

The celebrity chef recommends eating veggie soup, which is filled with greens.

John said: “I’m not a nutritionist at all – but I think the more veg you get into you, the better for you.”

So how do you cook his simple recipe?

The MasterChef host said: “I start off with a base of alliums – which is onions, leeks and some garlic.

“Lots of garlic because it’s really good for you apparently.

“This time as well, the distance between us means it doesn’t really matter how much garlic we eat!

“Add a bit of celery, chop it up in little tiny bits and cook it down in butter to get it nice and soft.”

When everything has sweated down, it’s time to add your fresh herbs and vegetable stock.

John continued: “Once that’s cooked a little bit, I’m going to add half a litre of stock, bring it to the boil and cook it.

“Cook it for around 15-20 minutes and make sure it’s a rolling boil.

“When it’s translucent, it’s cooked and ready to go…

“(Add) watercress, spinach, coriander and parsley all together, straight into your soup.

“If it boils too much, you’re going to lose all the goodness, so then drop it down.”

Once everything is wilted, blend into a vibrant green soup.

You can garnish it with asparagus and serve with bread if you wish.

Or if you’re feeling fancy, you can drizzle some truffle oil over too.

The finished dish looks very tasty – and ITV hosts Holly and Phil couldn’t get enough of it.

So will you be giving the recipe a go?

While the soup could boost your immune system, it goes without saying that it isn't an antidote for coronavirus.

Brits should keep up with the Public Health England and NHS websites to see all the latest information about COVID-19.

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