The truth about Jonathan Van Ness’ dandruff solution

Jonathan Van Ness obviously knows good hair, but aside from helping shy men and women blossom into the gorgeous, confident creatures they were always meant to be with just a stunning haircut, Queer Eye‘s resident grooming expert has an interesting solution for dandruff.

As a post on Reddit outlines, Van Ness has long been a proponent of a concoction consisting of one part apple cider vinegar and one part water, which is sprayed onto the hair in the same manner you would apply a leave-in conditioner. It may sound a bit like an old wives’ tale, but if your Head & Shoulders isn’t cutting it, then JVN’s method could be worth a try.

Jonathan Van Ness may be on to something

It’s worth noting that of the 40-some responses to the OP on Reddit, at the time of writing, the vast majority were incredibly positive. Could it be that Jonathan Van Ness’ vinegar concoction works better than many other anti-dandruff solutions?

Boston Mamas compared the technique alongside several other natural methods, like coconut oil, and reported good results. However, the site noted that tea tree oil was later added to “tamp down the smell of the vinegar.” Likewise, Vegan Wifey Vegan Lifey was so impressed with the Queer Eye star’s apple cider vinegar and water mixture that she made it part of her regular haircare routine. Additionally, Nicole Romero, former beauty editor of Cosmopolitan, reported hugely positive results in an article for Preview. That said, she too made note of the vinegar smell.

Even if you don’t want to spray apple cider vinegar into your hair, you can avoid one of the biggest mistakes Van Ness said people make: washing your hair too often. “Think about how your jeans would look if you washed and dried them every single day. That’s like our hair, and you can’t change your hair as often as your pants, so cutting down on washing, cuts down on long term damage,” he quipped to Cosmopolitan.

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