World medical President goes on Söder – Spahn hope to be Corona-easing after Easter

The Coronavirus from spreading further: In Germany, 2071 people have died as a result of Covid-19, 108.193 are currently infected with the Virus. Worldwide already more than a Million Corona cases were registered. Meanwhile, the United States recorded the most cases in the world. All the information about the Corona-crisis you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

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Top news (09.32 PM): world medical President Frank Ulrich Montgomery, the approach of the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) in the Corona-crisis harshly criticized. “His policy of the hard Hand does not obviously leads to success,” said the former Chairman of the doctors ‘ Union Marburger Bund, the “Münchner Merkur” from Thursday.

The free state of am nationwide, the infection most numbers on a bad one, have the highest death rate and the lowest doubling time, the infections. “The fact that Mr Söder developed because of Fears I can understand,” stressed Montgomery. “It helps but nothing, the Think off. We are in need of reason, no dramatic actions.“

Instead of “this outwardly presented to Occur as a hard man” pleaded Montgomery to make it voluntary, and the people on Board. The longer the contact restrictions would be required, the more problematic the Situation will just of older and lonely people. “Because you have to allow a certain amount of freedoms, otherwise the Situation gets out of joint, and the consensus in the company’s device is lost.”

Montgomery was from 1989 to 2007, Chairman of the German doctors ‘ Union Marburger Bund. Since 2019, the 67-Year-old has served as chief of the world medical Association.

Spahn holds the first loosening of Corona-measures after the Easter holidays is possible

Top news (06.20 PM): the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) holds a first loosening of the restrictions in the Corona-crisis after the Easter holidays, for possible. In the case of the infection is a &quot figures;positive Trend" to watch, but still "verstetigen" must, said Spahn the "Handelsblatt". Requirement of possible steps in the direction of normality is that the population also think that over the Easter holidays to the everyday restrictions.

The current positive development of the infection should continue to pay, will the Federal government with the heads of government of the länder "a gradual return to normality after the Easter holidays, können&quot talk;, Spahn said. In a free state of law could have far-reaching restrictions on fundamental rights "only so long to work, how you have understood and accepted werden". Therefore, not only is it important to justify the Act as well, but also "a perspective aufzuzeigen".

Spahn said that the lock duration of the Contact and other everyday restrictions on the behaviour of the citizens of slopes: "With appropriate caution, the more normality is soon possible." Fixed but also that it can play at large-scale events such as football for a long time will take to return to normal month stint.

The health Minister also outlined his criteria for a step-by-step back up of the German economy to. A condition is, "that the factory or business safe for employees and customers organize kann". Companies or industries that could demonstrate that they ensure the Hygiene or distance rules, could more easily back into everyday life. Spahn announced that he wanted to &quot about the;Dialogue with all sectors of the Wirtschaft" search.

Here you will find the currently reported Figures by the health ministries of the countries.

  • Baden-Württemberg: 21.490 (514 Deaths)
  • Bavaria: 28.053 (589 Deaths)
  • Berlin: 4212 (37 Deaths)
  • Brandenburg: 1613 (35 Deaths)
  • Bremen: 442 (11 Deaths)
  • Hamburg: 3370 (29 Deaths)
  • Hesse: 5114 (92 Deaths)
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: 571 (11 Deaths)
  • Lower Saxony: 6845 (139 Deaths)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: 22.849 (413 Deaths)
  • Rhineland-Palatinate: 4247 (50 Deaths)
  • Saarland: 1842 (35 Deaths)
  • Saxony: 3339 (52 Deaths)
  • Saxony-Anhalt: 1077 (16 Deaths)
  • Schleswig-Holstein: 1830 (28 Deaths)
  • Thuringia: 1299 (20 Deaths)

Total: 08.04, 20: 01: 108.193 (2071 Deaths)

Stand from the day before: 07.04., 20.43 PM: 102.888 (1796 Deaths)

Source to be Infected – and death-figures: country health and social ministries.

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Reported corona virus cases in Germany (click on your state) test with total

Lauterbach suggests, for protection against Corona home remedies – Lanz, need to laugh out loud

More information in the News Ticker:

More than 5000 Coronavirus cases in Japan

09.25 PM: In Japan, the number of the new Coronavirus people infected by the mark of 5,000 exceeded, but remains at a low level. The Japanese news Agency Jiji Press reported on Thursday. In addition, around 700 infected people had been on Board of a cruise ship. Around 110 people have been killed in the third largest economy in the world. In Japan, the measures are more lax than in Germany, for example. Nevertheless, the Numbers in Japan are much lower than in the Federal Republic of Germany.

On Tuesday, the government had to call the chief Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency for the particular affected the Tokyo Metropolitan area, as well as certain other provinces. About 56 million people – about 45 percent of the total population in Tokyo and the neighboring provinces of Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama as well as in the provinces of Osaka, Hyogo, and Fukuoka are called to 6. To stay may, if possible, at home.

“In these Figures, it takes the breath away”: Coronavirus meets Black in the United States particularly hard

08.25 PM: The Coronavirus knows no ethnic boundaries. In the US, African-Americans, it seems, but especially by the pandemic affected. While there is no country-wide statistics, but Figures from a number of States in a frightening sign of the image: In the southern state of Louisiana Black stand for 33 percent of the population, but 70 percent of the deaths. In Illinois, where the proportion of the population of African-Americans is 14 percent, with 42 percent of the dead Black.

Around 70 per cent of the Coronavirus-related deaths in the city of Chicago are African-American, with a population share of 30 per cent. “These Figures will take your breath away,” said mayor Lori Lightfoot this week. "The act is a call to all of us to."

For the shocking Figures, there are a number of reasons: poverty, social disadvantage, discrimination, the weaknesses of the health system.

So African-Americans suffer in the United States poverty is due more to chronic diseases that, in turn, is an infection with the Coronavirus is much more dangerous. “We know that Black people have a disease at a higher risk for Diabetes, heart disease, and lung”, said recently the US Supreme physician Jerome Adams – himself an African American. AFP Jerome Adams, a specialist in anesthesiology and overseer of the U.S. public health services

Even the “Surgeon General sees” as the best example: He said high blood pressure, Asthma and a heart problem, Adams. “I symbolises, what it means, in America, poor and black to grow up.”

Poorer parts of the city with a high proportion of Blacks have less Doctors and less well-equipped hospitals. The medical insurance for employees in service occupations with low wages are no worse than for other Employees. Tens of millions of US citizens have no health insurance or are under-insured.

This led, among other things, that Black had less chances of a Coronavirus-Test and, hence, a rapid and appropriate treatment. James Hildreth from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee, says the news Agency AFP, in the city of the first Tests in a hospital had been available, which is visited mostly by insured patients. Later Tests were also Poorer available.

Studies from recent years indicate a structural discrimination of Blacks up to the treatment room. The anaesthetist Ebony Hilton from the Medical Center of the University of Virginia says, Doctors would take symptoms in African-American patients are less often seriously or adequately investigated. Studies show that African-Americans have certain diseases fewer opportunities to be a specialist.

The chief of the physicians organization American Public Health Association, Georges Benjamin, refers in the Coronavirus crisis on the social Dimension in the world of work. African-Americans would exert increasing service occupations with a lot of contact with the population and have therefore a higher risk of infection: bus drivers, nurses in old people’s homes, the supermarket sellers. Working from home is not an Option and the ride on the Bus or subway is inevitable.

06.57 PM: In the US the second day in a row, almost 2000 people after infection with the novel Coronavirus have died. Overall, the number of dead was in the country on 14.817, as shortly after midnight on Thursday (local time) from the data of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore showed. 24 hours earlier, the University had reported the number of dead is still with EUR 12,907. The information already about 430,000 infections with the causative agent of Sars have been detected-CoV-2.

Worldwide, around 1.5 million people according to data from the University now infected with the Virus. Around 88.500 people died, therefore, a further 330,000 recovered from an infection with the Virus.

The website of the University is updated on a regular basis and therefore shows a higher level of confirmed infections as the official Figures from the world health organization (WHO) and the US health authority CDC.

Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

FOCUS Online/Wochit Where occurs Coronavirus on? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

Berlin’s interior Senator hostage has not examined the allegations against US in advance

06.19 PM: In the dispute over the extradition of protective masks has Berlin’s interior Senator Andreas hostage (SPD) to its serious allegations against the United States on the Basis of unaudited information is collected. According to a report by the news magazine FOCUS, with the procurement of the 200,000 protective masks commissioned Berlin-based company had reported to the police, these masks have been redirected to the Bangkok airport at the Insistence of the US government not to Berlin, but in the United States.

The police have forwarded this information directly to the Senate. There is no verification had taken place. In Geisel’s authority no appropriate documents or endorsements are, as yet, appeared, writes FOCUS more. The hostage was accused by the U.S. government at the weekend “wild West methods” and “piracy”.

Corona-crisis: for the time being, not a hamster purchases

05.20 PM: The great age of the hamster purchases in Germany, according to market researchers over. The first panic after the Corona onset have subsided. "There is a habituation to the Krisenmodus", the trade expert Robert Kecskes of the society for consumer research (GfK) says.

Had started the hamster purchases after observing the GRP in the last week of February. The demand for Hand disinfectants increased abruptly by more than 500 percent. In the case of flour, rice, pasta, soap and toilet paper, sales figures were doubled. However, already since mid-March, the Situation has eased, according to GfK, step by step. The demand to start again levelling off, albeit at a noticeably higher level than before the crisis.

The increase can be explained according to the assessment of Kecskes, for the most part, by the relocation of earlier Restaurants, pubs, and canteens attributable consumption in the own four walls. "We eat more at home, because we go to the Italians können", the market researcher gets to the point. The show at noodles and rice, but also in soft drinks, beer or coffee.

For many consumers, the handling of the crisis had become a bit Routine, stresses Kecskes. A temporary return of the panic purchases, he does not exclude however. "The panic may from time to time aufflammen", he says – for example, if new developments should provide additional uncertainty.

Thursday, 09. April, 02.18 PM: for the production of respiratory protection masks required special non-woven is, according to manufacturers just. "Unfortunately, our production capacity for non-woven fabrics for respiratory masks at the current time completely ausgeschöpft", it is, for example, in the case of the company Sandler. Probably until the beginning of June, you can edit, therefore no new orders. The company, with its headquarters in Schwarzenbach/Saale, Germany produces according to its own information, various non-woven fabrics, which can be used for surgical masks and the mouth-nose protection.

The manufacturer, Freudenberg provides a report of the "Wirtschaftswoche" according to the only professional protective clothing manufacturer. This would prevent speculators hoarding the non-woven fabric. "We have decided that the rare be used as efficiently as possible muss", a spokeswoman told the magazine. The capacities are loaded.

Also Glatzeder, a manufacturer of protective clothing in Detmold, reported major problems in the procurement of materials. "There are delivery times of six to twelve Monaten", managing Director Kristin Glatz Eder said. Therefore, now it is looking for replacement materials.

The machinery Builder Reifenhäuser, Troisdorf produced at its experimental facilities, the so-called melt-blown webs for up to one Million protective masks of the day. In the meantime, the demand for the Material exceeded the production quantity several times, the company said.

Merkel and Prime Minister decide one day later on Corona pads

21.00: what’s next for the drastic Corona-requirements for Private – and business people in Germany? This long-awaited decision will fall, according to information from FOCUS Online a day later than initially planned, On 15. April and not, as previously provided on 14. April want to advise unlock German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Minister presidents of the Länder in a Phone, whether relaxations are possible, and how then, specifically, might look like. To hear from participants in circles, has been the shift needed, because for the 14. April, a European Council is recognised. In Berlin government circles and in the state offices of the countries, it is understood that such loosening, when they come about, gradually enter into force. A return to “true normality” was not long in sight, in Berlin.

The previous rules apply, up to and including 19. April. Conditions should be for the citizens or attenuated, eliminated, would have the Federal and state governments in the case of the cases, little time for the preparations.

Further messages to the Coronavirus you will find on the next pages.


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